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road v. mountaingregdogg62
Apr 28, 2003 4:54 AM
I am thinking about building up a cross bike with some compnents I have laying around, as well purchasing some new stuff. My question is what componenets are best for each of the drivetrain components (road v mountain)


Thanks in advance.
re: road v. mountainatpjunkie
Apr 28, 2003 1:15 PM
IMHO it really doesn't matter. RD if you use mountain you can use a bigger cassette. it makes it prone to more dropped chains. I personally think MTB components in general are made for more abuse and dirt so I lean to that side. road stuff will be lighter.
mix and matchdpb
Apr 30, 2003 7:39 AM
In general, I like to mix and match. I've got a double road crank (FSA), but I use MTB (XT) front and rear deraileurs. As was mentioned above, you can use cassettes with a larger gearing range if you want to do some serious off-road. I actually have two sets of wheels, one mountain, one road with LX and ultegra casettes respectively, no problems.

Personally, I think the road cranks are key, as the double setup works best this way...better than a triple MTB crank sans granny. This can lead to problems with dropped chains (in my experience). Choices of gearing are certainly adequate for road cranks. Note that you may NEED to get a road FD to work with road cranks. There shouldn't be any disadvantage in this setup.

Check your frame too, as I found out it's hard to find a top-pull front deraileur that works with road cranks. I'm using an old XT designed for standard drive, not compact and it works perfectly.

Hope this helps!
Damian Bradley