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Any experience here with Ridley Crossbow?(13 posts)

Any experience here with Ridley Crossbow?Art S
Apr 26, 2003 3:54 PM
Looking for a new frame, and the Ridley's look pretty good, esp. for the $. Then again, I would really like to go back to a Ti frame...:(
Check out Tim Johnson's Spare Frame on eBaysnwbdrhoon
Apr 27, 2003 5:51 PM
I've got a Crossbowridleyrider
Apr 28, 2003 5:31 AM
In blue & white. I like it. Nice & strong, good welds and a good looker (IMO). Can't go wrong for the money.- £295 here in the UK.

I dont race mine - its a training tool really. I havent had another CX bike before so I have nothing to compare it to.

I've got a Crossatpjunkie
Apr 28, 2003 1:06 PM
I have a Y2K Ridley Cross, Pre-Bow / Wind / Super
love the bike. nice welds, great paint, nice geometry, though I've seen they've shortened their TT's since then.
Thanx for the replies, guys...Art S
Apr 29, 2003 4:57 PM
I was wondering how did you like the way the Crossbow handles in the rough stuff (mud/dirt roads & trails, etc.), or do you find yourself wishing it had a slightly different geometry?
Apr 29, 2003 5:43 PM
I have 2 bikes for racing. I actually prefer my Ridley for more technical courses. The geometry works quite well for me, maybe the stem helps as well. We have the Sorrento Jungle Cross which is closer to an MTB track and my Ridley Cross rocked. If I hadn't dropped a chain on lap 1, I would have placed top 3. I still fought back to 4th.
That's some pretty good praise...Art S
Apr 30, 2003 5:02 PM
...for the Ridley. But what's that about the stem? Just happen to get the right angle/length for good synergy on that bike?

I'm considering either building a Crossbow up from scratch, or buying a leftover new 2001 C'Dale Road Warrior 800. The 800 is a great deal for $490. + tax at a LBS. It's a CAAD 3 CX frame, but comes stock set up as sort of a touring bike. With a few parts changes it could become a decent CX'er, because the frame is there, (straight bar to drop bar; triple rings to a double 38/48, Conti Top Touring to Vredestein Campo's, etc.).
That's some pretty good praise...atpjunkie
Apr 30, 2003 7:07 PM
I had an extra Forgie stem laying around when I built it up. it was perfect length, angle everything and as it differs from Bike #1's (Y2K Specialized S-Works) I have that as a variant in the comparison (along with slight variance in stack height). If both bikes had identical stems and stack then the only difference would be the frame. If you check my posts in general I lean to the scientific so my 'experiment' is plagued by this stem variable so is not completely sound. I love both bikes dearly but have used the Ridley in the more technical courses. The bike is a tad stiffer IMHO than my S-Works (which almost feels like steel to me) but whatever it is, it rocks in the twisty stuff.
Personally I'd go with the Ridley. My concern with the Road Warrior is
A) CAAD3 Frames were (are) quite the filling rattlers
B) Make sure the RW is a dedicated cross frame. Otherwise it may lack proper CX geometry, BB height, etc...
C) Bikes designed for flats usually don't have right Geo for Drops
and Vice Versa. A flats designed bike may feel too long with drops.
This may not be a problem as C'Dales are traditionally short so it may work for you.
D) I think Euros do better things with Alu than we do (some exclusions) it just seems every Euro Al frame I ride lacks the stiffness that most US Al frames have

If you do get the C'Dale and plan on Trail riding as well, hang on to the triple.
I have 1 bike with a double (may go single) and one with a triple. The triple is good for Epics, MTB Rides etc... so don't discard right away. Also before you buy, scour the web (classifieds here and ebay). You can buy swanky barely used CXers CHEAP!!!!! I'm going to have to post pics of my pair. One was complete (I did some mods), one I built up. I have around $2K invested for both bikes with an extra set of wheels. Good Luck and happy hunting
The RW 800 is in fact a CX frame..Art S
May 1, 2003 5:03 PM
...or else I wouldn't be considering it. The just took their CAAD 3 CX frame and made it into a "touring"-type bike with a different parts selection than a full-on CX bike would have. It wasn't designed for flat bars - drop bars will work just fine on it. It also has their regular CX fork, not the Headshok fork.

The problem I've always had with most C'Dale road bike frames is that they've been too "hard-riding" for my tastes. I guess if you want a really stiff frame, get a C'Dale. Nothing wrong with that, but I got used to riding a Litespeed Tuscany before this, so a frame like the CAAD 3 is going to be a big change.

Wish I could find a way to ride the Ridley before I bought it. :(
The RW 800 is in fact a CX frame..atpjunkie
May 1, 2003 6:07 PM
I know the CAAD 4's and 5's are much 'softer'. the CAAD3's were always the filling shakers IMHO. once again I feel most Euros do better with Al. I own a Merckx Team Al road and it is quite a nice ride. I've rode alot of American Al and they are nowhere as smooth.
Klein, some Specialized S-Works excluded. A CAAD3 cx bike would be almost too harsh offroad. I'm sure you could stand it for the 40-60 minutes of race time but that would be about it. I used to be a steel freak but now I ride both steel and Al. No Ti as ay my weight (230) I can't really see the benefit to cost. Gonna be hard to find a Ridley to test, I only saw one other Ridley (a supercross) this entire season and that was a combo of 3 cx series. Just know they are using great tubes, built by Italian framebuilders and painted in Belgium. I think you can take the fact that they find their way to the podium as evidence of the quality of their ride. What size are you looking for? CX world is selling Tim Johnsons back up (Lemond Sticker / Ridley Frame) on ebay.
Tha's the problem with the CAAD3 CX frame...Art S
May 3, 2003 5:36 AM
...that it's too damned harsh a ride, because I did get a chance to ride it a bit at the LBS the other day. I even had them install my own tires and saddle (Vredestein Campos/SA Mythos Trans Am). The Campo's were inflated fairly low. Yes, stiff is good for best power transfer, etc., but in this case it was TOO stiff!! Ouch!

And it wasn't the wheels either, they were just a standard OEM build Mavic CXP 21 rims/28 spokes F & R. I don't think they'd be considered the stiffest wheel on the market, and they felt nothing like my old Campy Shamal tubulars.

I'd be getting probably a 56cm frame, and my weight goes between 195 lbs.- 205 lbs.

After riding the RW 800, it looks like that one is out of the running, so I'd have to agree with you about the CAAD3 CX frames. I was looking at a Dean Torrey hardtail, but the best price I think I can get on that is about $1300. :(

Buying used is Ok, but I'd probably end up changing so many parts to get the bike the way I want it that I might as well built up a new bike from scratch.
Tha's the problem with the CAAD3 CX frame...atpjunkie
May 5, 2003 10:58 AM
well good luck. I've been fortunate with my buys and builds. am a big fan of 8 sp so used sometimes helps. keep an eye for frames though, there are deals but I don't think you'll be remorseful over the Ridley
Kewl. ;) Thanks junkie for all of the help. (nm)Art S
May 5, 2003 7:06 PM