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Brakes: a poll....(22 posts)

Brakes: a poll....Farmpunker
Apr 23, 2003 9:00 AM
I think it's about time we had a poll about cross bikes and brakes. Part of this comes out of the fact that I can't seem to get my lx vees and travel agents in agreement that they'll stop my bike when I want them to. Anyway, I'd like to hear what everyone is using, how their brakes are working, cost, etc.
Right now I'm using lx vee brakes with travel agents; ultegra sti. Front is working okay, back is headachy.
re: Brakes: a poll....pdg60
Apr 23, 2003 9:17 AM
Shimano 105 STI levers w/Ritchey WCS cantis and red pads utilizing Cannondale H-pipe cable stops.

Its a simple, clean, powerful setup that I have commuted and raced on in all sorts of weather. I'm in Wisconsin.

Price? Not exactly sure. But I am certain that it is cheaper than most other setups out there.

Don't know why, but I am not a big fan of linear pull/v-brakes with STI. I have built up a number of cross bikes with that setup and have not come across one that could rival my current setup for feel, power, etc.

Plus, I just don't like travel agents, etc. Just a stupid little quirk of mine I guess.

Good luck. Keep it simple.
re: Brakes: a poll....flyweight
Apr 23, 2003 9:47 AM
Empella Froglegs cantis, Ultegra STI right lever, Shimano non-STI left lever, Empella top mount levers.

Gunnar Single Speed:
Paul Touring cantis, Campy Record carbon levers.

Gunnar Crosshairs:
XT low profile cantis, Campy Chorus Ergo levers.

Brakes on all 3 work great.
Dia-Compe 287V levers with XTR V's -- no problems (nm)SS_MB-7
Apr 23, 2003 9:58 AM
Centaur Ergos, XT cantisweiwentg
Apr 23, 2003 10:15 AM
adjustment is quite AARGH!!!!! of course, I can learn.
re: Brakes: a poll....cxfan
Apr 23, 2003 10:37 AM
Empella Bonfire with Dura Ace shifters and Spooky brakes with Kool-Stop pads. Fronts are great, rears are good but new pads would help

Good luck
Shimano (non-STI), Avid Shorties, Kool Stop Salmon pads...pauly
Apr 23, 2003 10:52 AM
Great feel, good power, and SQUEAL FREE nigh on 2 years!! (Not a brake guru -- just lucky a lucky SOB.)
Shimano (non-STI), Avid Shorties, Kool Stop Salmon pads...PaulNYC
Apr 23, 2003 1:08 PM
I got the shorty 4's with the standard pads. I use Sun CR-18 rims, and have little squeeking.

Jagwire in-line cable adjusters.PaulNYC
Apr 24, 2003 6:19 AM
I recommend the Jagwire in-line cable adjusters. They make brake installation much better.

Dia-Compe 287-Vs, Avid Single Digit 7s, Ritchey Red padsGlowBoy
Apr 23, 2003 11:12 AM
I just converted a few weeks ago, and it is da bomb for commuting in heavy rain. With the Avid Shorty 6s I had before it was hard to get full brake power until a couple of wheel revolutions cleared the film of water off the rims.

The cost of the conversion for me was about $130, and worth every penny. Now I can lock up either tire at will, at any time, even from the hoods and even with glazed pads and big 700x32 tires. Cantis have enough power for 'cross racing and road riding, but they don't cut it for commuting in the Pacific NW.
Ultegra STI with Radius brakes and Ritchey pads....Steve_O
Apr 23, 2003 12:08 PM
You can read my long diatribe about Radius brakes below...

Steve_O "I can't stop!" 4/21/03 11:43am

Prior to that I was running the same levers with Avid Shorty Ti brakes... That was a scream...

Steve_O "Avid 6 Shorty's - SQUEAL" 11/26/02 5:35pm

I'm not sold on running V's and a cam device so I'm prowling eBay looking for a better solution...
'96 STX canti, '86 dia-compe leversdpb
Apr 23, 2003 2:56 PM
Enough power so that when the Honda in front of me decided to slam on its brakes (four wheel hydrolic discs no less!) I didn't hit him as hard as I would have...had I not used the brakes....I guess...

yah, they work great. Never had a problem with standard cantis if you know how to set 'em up right.
I just put Red Ritchey pads on my Jake's Radius brakestl1
Apr 23, 2003 3:18 PM
They made a very noticeable difference for the better. They're still not stopping like I would like them to stop though. Nothing close to an MTB I have with '95 LX cantis, '95 XT levers and red Ritchey pads. Maybe I'm just expecting too much from road levers and these type of brakes.
The brakes are OK after bedding-in the Ritchey pads a little!tl1
Apr 24, 2003 1:59 PM
After 2 rides of about 2 hours each the brakes are now pretty good. The Ritchey pads have gotten even better after putting some time on them. I can live with these brakes now.
re: Brakes: a poll....Avid shotry 4 Campy mirage avid padskiwisimon
Apr 23, 2003 4:16 PM
the above works well for me no squeal I guess I'm another lucky s.o.b.Given a bigger budget would like to go with Pauls.
re: Brakes: a poll....The Walrus
Apr 23, 2003 5:33 PM
LX and XT cantis/105 STI (8sp) on the Wazoos

Neo Retros and Touring cantis/Ultegra STI on the Reparto Corse 'crosser

Avid Squealies/105 STI on the Axises -- the '00s are generally quiet (that burly Kinesis fork's gotta have something to do with it), but the '01s tend to howl.

Had a set of Dia-Compe Mini-Max vees/287-V levers that were great stoppers, but didn't have much mud clearance.
Spooky's (2 sets) 600 and Ultegra Levers HEY STEVE O!!!!atpjunkie
Apr 23, 2003 8:48 PM
dammit Steve O, you should have said something. I had a sweet set of vintage Paul CNC's I sold to some kid who told me he was building his first cross bike. A week letter the F•¢cker had them posted on ebay. They sold for 92 bucks. Needless to say I sold them to him much cheaper, and would have rather they went to a good home of one of the tribe. You do someone with sad 'I'm poor' eyes a favor (bro deal) and they turn into some lying little capitalist a$$. Hope he loses braking power on some downhill someday. KHARMA KHARMA KHARMA. sorry for the rant, just wish you would have said you were looking to replace. oh well.
Apr 24, 2003 6:09 AM
Oh man!

The Paul's would have been the ticket... I've got two years of hard riding on my Kelly Knobby X (4K+ miles of commuting and offroad riding) so I'm starting to go through upgrade-itus right now... Here's what's going on...

XT Crankset Swapping for a new Ritchey WCS CX Crankset (not installed)
XT EX70 BB Swapping for Dura Ace BB (in transit)
XT 11-32T cassette Swapping for ??? Probably Ultegra 11-27T (need to buy)
Avid Shorty Ti Brakes Swapping for Radius Brakes (done)
Salsa 42cm Bell Laps Swapping for Salsa 44cm Bell Laps (not installed)
New bar tape and cables (not installed)

Steve-O (anyone want to swap some Radius brakes for Spooky Carbons? ;-)
Apr 24, 2003 11:34 AM
yes, they were very sweet. red cool stops, ONZA chill pills. super light, CNC'd. The bees knees, I was going to keep but I decided to have identical brakes on both bikes for simplicities sake (spare parts, back up) and to clear a bit of my parts pit. Also I had a good line on Spooky's (non Carbon) sorry. love the Spooky's, just set the straddle above the headset cup (the more the better it seems)
good luck on the project
re: Brakes: a poll....dlbcx
Apr 24, 2003 8:30 AM
Paul Touring cantis, front and back, w/ Kool Stop pads.
Grumpies, front and back, w/ Kool Stop pads
re: Brakes: a poll....HENRY K
Apr 24, 2003 5:43 PM
Current: Pauls Neo's on front, Touring on rear w/cool stop salmons on both. The softer compound Cool Stops made the biggest difference.

Past attempts: Avid squeekie 6s... Too Loud!
XT Cantalevers...No braking power!
XT V brakes...Great braking power but worried about Travel Agent breaking down far from home (did not seem to be real high quality)

Still would like to go with discs but waiting for the verdict for road/cross bikes!
re: Brakes: a poll....mackgoo
Apr 29, 2003 6:46 AM
Ergo's and Mafacs. They work great. Before this I had the Ergo's with old Record OR's, they worked great. I must admit I just can't relate to these brake problem questions. Sure they aren't as good as my road brakes but they work fine on the trails and commuting to work in the winter.