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OK, my first cyclocross bike. Some questions(4 posts)

OK, my first cyclocross bike. Some questionstl1
Apr 22, 2003 12:02 PM
I recently bought a 2002 Kona Jake in great shape. Now that I have arond 400 miles on it I have some questions. I'll be using it for an all around road/dirt road bike with some trail riding too.

The gearing: the 39/25 is not going to cut it for me for trail-riding. Is there any reason I can't put an MTB cassette with a 30 or 32 tooth cassette on? If I can, I wonder how big I can go with the stock 105 rear derailler? I've also got an XT medium cage derailler hanging around somewhere.

The Radius brakes: They don't stop very well, I did read the thread below. I played around with the straddle cable which helped a little. I have some Ritchey pads which I'm going to try. I also have some non-V XT canti brakes and Control-Tech canti brakes, would these be an improvement or is the problem basically in the 105 levers? I have an MTB with LX cantis and red Ritchey pads and they work really great with a straddle cable (ala Bontrager rant) in place of the stock Shimano cable.
re: OK, my first cyclocross bike. Some questionsflyweight
Apr 22, 2003 2:35 PM
A regular short cage 105 deraileur will handle up to a 27t cog.

The Radius brakes are OK for racing (no long downhills, emphasis on speed control and not stopping) but are only so-so for trails. STI levers don't pull as much cable as Ergo levers and that is part of the problem. However, changing that won't be cheap. Try the XT cantis with some good pads. I have some on one of my bikes and they work fine.
re: OK, my first cyclocross bike. Some questionslaffeaux
Apr 22, 2003 3:21 PM
You can use a MTB cassette if you swap out the rear derailer for one with a longer cage. Or you can leave your deraileur alone and get a 12-27 rear.

Your 39 tooth front ring can be swapped to a 38 toth ring (the smallest you can fit).

Lastly, you can always mount a triple crank if need be, but it would require a new BB (most likely).
re: OK, my first cyclocross bike. Some questionsatpjunkie
Apr 22, 2003 4:25 PM
some cranks (T/A , Ritchey and most MTB cranks can run smaller)
I run 48x36 cranks, 1 with a 12-27 9 speed the other with a 11-32 8 speed. Both using MTB rear ders and all is well.