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CHECK IT OUT! its not a cyclocross bike.....but its a start(17 posts)

CHECK IT OUT! its not a cyclocross bike.....but its a startTrevo
Apr 18, 2003 8:38 AM
Trek frame(about 1981)
-camp aero bottle
-sunshine hubs 4crossed on gold rims
-Some sort of BMX race cranks with 42 tooth gold ring(got a red one too)
-profile design bars
-bontrager stem(might switch to cannondale)
-mismatched diacompe levers
-mismathced brakes
-wright leather saddle(prolly ognna switch)

Its a HOT! ride...I switched to the fatty tires csaue I wanted the added control in alleys and gravel. I use it to commute, but still havent had a chance to put some miles on the thing.
My question is this; Would it be a good idea to maybe get a cyclocross fork and run a front canti? Iam nuts about having good brakes and since ill run it fixxed gear most of the time(when I get a wheel) it would be nice.


Probably won't see better braking w/ cantisGlowBoy
Apr 18, 2003 11:31 AM
I haven't ridden a bike with caliper brakes in a few years, but from what I remember they work as well if not better than the cantis I've used. Don't upgrade your fork and brakes for performance, though you might consider doing it for mud performance.
Probably won't see better braking w/ cantisJames_M
Apr 18, 2003 12:35 PM
My personal opinion is that you will get better braking from a canti setup especially when you start talking about riding offroad in less than ideal conditions. If you switch forks you may want to consider using a V-Brake and a travel agent if you really want stopping power. The V-Brake will definetly not be a mud friendly setup but the stopping power is great. Being a heavier rider I appreciate the stopping power of my current V-Brake setup.
Other issuestriangleforge
Apr 21, 2003 8:10 AM
If you go with a new, 'cross specific fork, remember you'll also be changing the axle to fork crown distance, likely by a fairly big amount. It'll slacken the head tube & seat tube angles by a little bit, and raise the bottom bracket a bit. A typical 'cross fork will have more rake than a road fork, so that should keep you in a decent range for trail with the more laid back head tube. None of these are bad things with a cyclocross or 'cross-like bike, but you'll notice the difference. I did exactly that on a 1970's road frame (with S&S travel couplers) so that I could race a bit while I was out in California for work last Fall. It was fun, but I've since converted it back to a road fork; I just like the way it handles a lot better that way. If you're going to be using the bike for lots of off-road and occasional 'cross racing, it might be worth the money and effort to switch. If it's mostly for the road, then I'd wager you'll prefer the stock Trek fork.

If you've got your heart set on cantilevers, any frame builder can add them to the steel Trek frame & fork -- for probably not much more than you'd spend on a fork -- and it'll still handle the way it was designed to handle.

re: CHECK IT OUT! its not a cyclocross bike.....but its a startSenorPedro
Apr 18, 2003 2:08 PM
It may not be a CX bike, but it will work perfectly for what you want to do with it. You have got to love the old Trek frames, I know I do. Wonderful ride.

I have done a similar conversion with a 1990 bike, upgraded most all of the components (Why? Because I can), and use it as a commuter/urban tourer. I have also done a few cross races on it.

In this application the fact that there are not canti-bosses or cantilever brakes makes a huge difference. The brakes I have on there now definitely stop me when it is muddy, but only because they get full of crap and don't work. Tire and mud clearance within the frame is also an issue.

But - If you plan on using it mainly on asphalt or not-muddy trails whatever, then stick with the fork you have, save some cash. I can't quite tell what you have got on there for brakes, if they are center pull, you may want to opt for a newer pair of long-reach calipers that will you give you better stopping power. Good luck, and have fun.

WOW! That look like you may have stolen it from me!unclefuzzy_ss
Apr 18, 2003 2:19 PM
But I know you didn't 'cause I just rode mine. There's something about this bike and it's ride that is mind blowing. Super comfy. Stable. Smmoooth as butter. I've thought about sending mine off to a frame builder to have canti studs brazed on, and I just may do that. The brakes that came on it plain old suck. I even thought about selling it, then I rode it again. This ones stayin' in the stable!
Well if everyone has one, I should show mine too...SenorPedro
Apr 18, 2003 3:47 PM
This is another Trek, same vintage as yours, 1983 500 I believe. I recently sold it to make some room, but it was definitely a classic.
Nice Frankenbikesatpjunkie
Apr 18, 2003 4:07 PM
bless you all
Nice FrankenbikesTrevo
Apr 18, 2003 5:11 PM
Sweet! Id considered brazing canti bosses. Dont know if I will or not, but a paint job is deffinatly in order. Best part is that I found a source for vintage decals!
I just found out that my frame is compatible with recessed brakes! There was just a spacer in there that i never noticed before. Along with that I wanna get top-mount Tektro levers. Sigh... I wish that this crappy town was bigger, it dosent take very long to get anywhere on my Trek, so I can barely enjoy riding it. Glad Ill be saying good by to Big Sky Montana in a month or two. LOOK OUT WISCONSIN! HERE I COME!
almost forgotTrevo
Apr 18, 2003 5:22 PM
Anyone interested in older Treks check out this awsome website!

What levers are on you bike there unclefuzzy? How does that flat-bar ride? Also are those 30c tires? more picture please!

road calipers and mudbuffalosorrow
Apr 18, 2003 6:12 PM
I have a nice pic, to bad I cant load it up of my motobecane fix that I took to VA on a off road road trip.
Um it got really messy, but I was riding fix off road, so I skipped and slipped my way down the muddy decline. All fun, never again, well perhaps.
more pics of mine....unclefuzzy_ss
Apr 19, 2003 10:29 AM
The levers are old Paul Canti style levers. They work good and are quite possibly the best feeling levers my fingers have ever lain on. I like the flat bars for the up right position I get from them, although, I've been tempted to get some Moustach bars for it as funds improve.

Tires are Michelin Mud and Sprint(front/rear) at their "30c" width which we all know is closer to 35 than anything else.
huh, I wonder why I cant fit fenders in mineTrevo
Apr 19, 2003 9:23 PM
Maybe there just too big of fenders i have. I also notice that you dont have newer style slimmer road calipers. That might be a reason you can fit fenders.

Yeah definatly a cool bike, I cant wait to get it fixxed and add top-mount levers, definatly after last nights disaster a cross check is definatly going to join the stable.
Did someone say "vintage decals"?The Walrus
Apr 18, 2003 6:18 PM
Does this source specialize in Trek, or do they have other makers? I'm still trying to find some VooDoo decals to replace the ones that are flaking away...
HOLY CRAP I HATE MUD! Bad Timing and lack of brain on my partTrevo
Apr 18, 2003 8:04 PM
SO its been raining all day right? Well all this talk about bikes made me wanna go for a little spin. It was a fun little paved ride, untill I decided I was on a "cyclocross bike" I dismount and sholder my bike, reday to run up a steep trail head, bad choice. Being in the River bottom on the Missouri River in Montana, the mud tends to be a little, how do you say? Sticky as marshmellow goo. Within the first three steps my shoes are caked with gumbo mud. I get to the top and set my bike down. IN ONE ROTAION OF THE FRONT WHEEL! my bike is hindered useless! Completly halting my brakes and wheels from rotating. Well to make a long story short I had to pick out as much as possible with an allen key and ride home in the dark. I had to take my front wheel off and remove the caliper to get most of the mud out.
Ughhhhhhh that was so hanious, Iam getting a Damn Surly!
Cleaning mud off a bike sucks, especially if its an old Trek with rust on it already....I need to fix that

Good News is that my tires dident once slip on the pavemnt, Iam pleased about that. Iam gonna go into work early tomorrow and service the hubs and BB, among other things.

About those decals, Iam pretty sure they can make anything you want.
O.K.--thanks for the heads-up. (nm)The Walrus
Apr 21, 2003 4:26 PM
WOW! That look like you may have stolen it from me!pdg60
Apr 21, 2003 5:49 PM
That's a sweet a$$ bike. Reynolds 531 steel, maybe?

I like it and you should get the canti bosses on it.