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Cross newbie, so this is what I did(4 posts)

Cross newbie, so this is what I didTrevo
Apr 15, 2003 9:22 PM
I road a crosscheck a little while back and told myself I was gonna get one some day. See Iam kinda nuts about all kinds of bikes, so my attention can shift from urban freeriding to fixxed gear riding every week sometimes. I wanted to make sure I really wanted a cross bike. So I got some fattty cross tires and put them on my new road bike. WHO! I love it...its like a road bike....but it can handel loose conditions....this is awsome!!!! Ill post some pics of my bike asap. Any tips on riding trails on a singlespeed "crossbike"?
singlespeed tips here....SS_MB-7
Apr 17, 2003 5:18 AM
Just keep pedaling and conserve your momentum...loose your mo' and you are it, and you'll fly!

I've been SS'ing 100% (racing, training, riding, etc.) on my MTB for 2+ yrs. More recently, I started SS 'cross and fixed-gear road riding. My geared bikes are now collecting dust.

This was my first season 'cross racing so it was a quick learing curve to technique, etc. Prior to the race season, I took my bike out onto some local trails, singletrack, etc...nothing too technical, but not easy either. I had a wicked grin from ear-to-ear the entire ride...what a blast! It had the speed of road riding with the excitement of singletrack MTB riding. I was more than shocked at what I could actually ride with my 'cross bike. In fact, I may use it on some of the tamer MTB races this season.

'Cross seems to be ideal for SS'ing since the conditions are usually (well, at least in my area) nasty: mud, snow, ice, etc. This plays havoc on shifters, derailleurs, etc. Also, I find that most of the really steep sections were run-ups anyway. I'm using 42x18 and found this to be an ideal gearing. For MTB, I use 36x18 and for fixed-gear road I used 48x16.

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
his other tip is to call Seven ;) (nm)weiwentg
Apr 18, 2003 6:35 AM
his other tip is to call Seven ;) (nm)Trevo
Apr 18, 2003 8:19 AM
Such Hot! bikes DAMN you have the hottest sevens ever, your mountain bike....its a work of art!
When I get a custom bike ti frame made(or make one at UBI)
Iam gonna make a frame similar to that, but disc specific and internally routed cables, and a removable derrailur hanger.