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how are jakeTheSnakes measured(2 posts)

how are jakeTheSnakes measuredcaspar
Apr 15, 2003 5:44 AM
is a 58cm JakeTheSnake 58cm from
center of BB to TOP of SEATTUBE (like Konas mtb) or
center of BB to TOP/(or center) of TOPTUBE (like roadbikes)
BB center to top of seat tube (seat collar)Dale Brigham
Apr 15, 2003 7:52 AM
On my 58 cm Jake, it's 58 cm c-t-t (center to top of seat tube). Because it has a sloping top tube, it's actually much shorter measured c-t-c (center to center of top tube). I recall (don't have the bike here in front of me) the c-t-c measurement is something like 54, and the center to top of top tube measurement is somewhere near 55.5 cm. Anyway, it's a (relatively) long way down from the seat collar to the top tube.

By the way, on my 58 cm Jake, top tube length is an even 57.0 cm, based on a horizontal line from the center of the seat collar to the center of the top of the head/steerer tube (just like Kona measures all of their top tubes, I think).

Hope this helps!