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Frame size questionICEAXE
Apr 10, 2003 1:27 AM
I'm thinking about getting a c'dale crosser... At my lbs, they sized me on a 54cm road bike with a 31.2" standover. The equivalent size cyclocross bike has a 32.3" standover. My inseam measures about a 33". Is this enough standover? What sixe should consider? The bike I'm considering is a Cyclocross disc 1000. Thanks

re: dependssnuz
Apr 10, 2003 7:14 AM
Actually I should probably just say no, since you can fall whether riding aggresively or hitting a pit in your driveway.
Seven tenths of an inch is pretty close to your boys. If you plan on aggressive cx riding where you'll be falling it's not enough clearance. If you are just planning on commuting or mild riding, you have a better chance of not getting hurt, but there is always a risk. If you have your heart set on that model you could maybe try the smaller size with a longer stem, but make sure you don't feel too cramped or forward on the bike. I looked at stock sizes from Kelly, Sycip, Steelman and Soulcraft. Only Sycip had one that fit my body. This is exactly why a lot of people go custom.
re: dependsatpjunkie
Apr 10, 2003 11:34 AM
not enough jewel clearance IMHO. get a frame a size or 2 down. Find a bike first that fitss TT wise. Then make sure you have room for 'the boys'. if you do, you have yourself a bike.