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What other choices in "CX bars besides BioMax' & Bell Lap's?(14 posts)

What other choices in "CX bars besides BioMax' & Bell Lap's?Art S
Apr 9, 2003 6:24 PM
I thought I heard that WTB was making a CX handlebar as well, but I can't find it. Any other suggestions? Where the hell are Cinelli, TTT, Deda, etc? CX started as a Euro thing, after all!!
Great Question!Steve_O
Apr 10, 2003 5:57 AM
I've been scouring the web looking for shallow drop bars as I don't tend to use the drops that much... Here's some stuff I've found...

Ritchey BioMax has a standard and a shallow drop version...

Biomax 144mm Drop, 82mm Reach
Biomax II 130mm Drop, 75mm Reach

Salsa Bars....

Bell Lap 144mm Drop, 82mm Reach
Poco 140mm Drop, 70mm Reach
Short & Shallow 144mm Drop, 82mm Reach (Just like Bell Lap but not flare at the ends?)

TTT Bars...

Forma SL 148mm Drop, 80mm Reach

Deda Bars....

Elementi 136mm Drop, 81mm Reach (traditional bend)

As for the WTB bar you are thinking of their Dirt Drops which have a legion of fans over on You can find them at but probably not for long as WTB has supposedly stopped production. Nitto makes a somewhat similar designed Mushache Bar. Check it out below.

Thanks for the info, Steve!Art S
Apr 10, 2003 9:17 AM
I don't get into the drops much either when CXing. I'll check into the WTB.

That Nitto bar looks promising, tho'. Who'd be selling that one?
Here you go...Steve_O
Apr 10, 2003 9:26 AM
AE Bike has them...

Also 2Mellow on has one on a commuter bike that he built up last year... You might try paging him on the Passion Board to learn how he likes it...
Bontrager toolaffeaux
Apr 10, 2003 9:32 AM
Bontrager makes a CX bar as well with relatively short reach and a small drop. It uses a MTB stem instead of road stem which might be good or bad (depending on what's in your spare parts bin).

I use a standard road bar on my bike.
WTB, NITTOatpjunkie
Apr 10, 2003 11:38 AM
the WTB is a copy (sort of) of the Nitto Dirt Drop if memory serves me right. The Nitto was the bar of choice when MTBers rode drops. huge flare, the new WTB's aren't so extreme. You can get Nittos through Rivendell Bicycles, fine purveyors of luddite equipment.
WTB Dirt Drop not at all similar to Nitto Dirt DropGlowBoy
Apr 10, 2003 1:15 PM
Nor is it very similar to Moustache bars. On the WTBs the brake levers mount at about a 45 degree angle from vertical, and that's about the angle your hands are at when you're in the drops. Nitto Dirt Drops, Bell Laps, Biomaxes, etc, all put your hands in a fairly vertical position, and the Nitto Moustache bar puts your hands fairly horizontal. The WTB has a very wide flare, and may be even more than the other bars except for the moustache.

It's a really unique design and it's too bad they discontinued it. I know several people who have them and they swear it's the best off-road handlebar design they've ever tried. Last I heard on mtbr, pretty much all the online stores sold out of them weeks ago - there was a mad rush to pick up the last ones once word got out and they sold out of everywhere in a week or two. You might still find them at some LBSs or some of the less well-known websites.

- Dan
WTB Dirt Drop not at all similar to Nitto Dirt Dropatpjunkie
Apr 11, 2003 6:36 PM
True about todays Nittos but if I can find some old photos, I think the flared Nittos of the 80's used by Phelan, Cunningham, Potts etc.. (which was the predecessor to the WTB Bar) was flared at the drops. Not as exagerrated as the WTB's but flared none the less. I think Tomac rode them as well for a while.
re: What other choices in "CX bars besides BioMax' & Bell Lap's?flyweight
Apr 10, 2003 9:16 AM
CX specific bars are an American invention. That's why you tend to see them being offered by American companies. Most European racers just use a regular road bar. In the past some cross racers would use what were known as "criterium bend" bars for cross but I don't know if anyone still offers those.
Seems like American's are always trying to "improve" on somethinArt S
Apr 10, 2003 9:22 AM
...either that, or 'Yurp is very conservative and/or resistant to change when it comes to certain things like cycling. Too much "history" and "tradition" to be messin' with the old skool?!
speaking of bar choices ...filipo23
Apr 10, 2003 12:35 PM
I've noticed a lot of racers (Gully, Johnson, Anthony) use 46cm wide bars. Are those guys just big and wide themselves, or is there an advantage to such a width? I ride 42 on the road and am building up my new CX with 44s (top-mount levers to be added as well). I had thought this would be ideal. Am I mssing something?

speaking of bar choices ...atpjunkie
Apr 11, 2003 6:39 PM
wide is good. gives more room for top mount and the when riding the tops is more like an MTB. More leverage, more control, more bettah!
re: What other choices in "CX bars besides BioMax' & Bell Lap's?Jan Gerrit Klok
Apr 11, 2003 10:17 PM
At one point I really considered cutting off those drops completely, just leave enough to attach the STI's to without risk of lethal slippage.
Using an extra set of brake levers, and riding CX only with the bike, I think I could actually get away with it, and same a few grams on the side. But I paid good money for the Deda 215 46's, so I chickened out. The lowest (level) part of the drops is even untouched, maybe I should storten them there a little.
I've considered that as welllaffeaux
Apr 14, 2003 4:43 PM
Even while road riding I never use the last few inches on my bars. Other than a good place to bang my knee off road, the ends of the drops have little use for me.