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Surly and weight?(12 posts)

Surly and weight?iamkramer
Mar 31, 2003 11:06 AM
How much heavier are we talking when comparing a Surly Cross Check with any other standard steel cross frame and fork...

Tell me some stories of building up a surly to race and making it relatively light....

It seems you can't beat the price....
re: Surly and weight?HeavyD
Mar 31, 2003 11:19 AM
This bike weighed 23.5 lbs.

Dura-ace/XTR 8sp

Race-Face cranks & Bottom Bracket

Ultegra Wheels

Avid Brakes

I don't remember what other parts it had on it.
tankp lo
Mar 31, 2003 4:11 PM
depends on what you want the bike for?

racing - way too heavy

other rides - who cares......
Mar 31, 2003 5:39 PM
my friends front suspended hardtail MTB weighs 23.5. it does seem a bit heavy.
Apr 1, 2003 6:26 AM
They all feel heavy after 50 minutes. The appeal of the Surly is the price and the that it can easily converted back and forth to single speed. I sold this bike two years ago but I remember it being a comfortable riding bike.
weights and measuresbuffalosorrow
Apr 1, 2003 7:32 AM
I employ the ideas of surly and their products, but I ask why they make such a hefty frame. I see that it makes a bad rep for other steel frames. All grouped into a heavy, non-responsive group. How much more would the frame cost to use different materials?
Comparing this kit to the custom 531 frame ($400), race face crank($100), CXP30 suzue singlespeed/fix wheelset($200?), deda zero stem($20), Bell laps ($60),
Selcof seatpost ($30), Selle Flite saddle ($60), Stronglight hs($30?) All under $1000, I would think that the previous kit would cost similar.
I am in the process of setting the bike up with campy 9 w/single chain ring, adding $120 for a right campy record carbon lever, $80 king rasta hs, and datona/ mirage 9s rear mech, I have a spare wheelset.
The bike weighs in just under 20lbs. Is 3.5lbs+ a big enough difference?
Sorry I am working on images.
In no way I am trying to knock this bike, but trying to offer alternatives.
re: Surly and weight?roadboy
Mar 31, 2003 6:16 PM
It's to heavy to race seriously on, but for trail riding which is what i mostly do, this thing is indestructable, and the steel frame will last forever, mine is 23 lbs with full ultegra, and other high end components, I fiqure i can drop 2 pounds of the bike with no problem, switching to an aluminum fork and different wheelset, 21 lbs racer is not bad but there are lighter, though not as tough you make the call
Steel and racingiamkramer
Apr 1, 2003 9:32 AM
Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like the surly is a bit of a tank and I primarily want to race it and extend my season. Any recommendations on a high quality steel frame that doesn't weigh more than me and won't run me $1000 for for frame and fork.

small listbuffalosorrow
Apr 1, 2003 11:45 AM
Just saw an add for kelly knobby X frameset at cambria bikes retail 899? on sale for $750. Two guys that I raced with last season had kelly's, one cross and another MTB 29'er.

My graham weigh, reynolds 531+ 853 downtube (frame is under 4lbs) is $400, they also offer full 853 and alum 7005, avail at, ask about the wait on the full custom frames...I really like my bike, raced it as a singlespeed for half the season, now Im gearing it up. I get tons of compliments. Pics soon, I promise...

Check out Hottubes, saw a number of these in a race in CT, not sure about the price.

Is the enconomy steelman (535?) under $1000? If so, these bikes are commonly raced on.

Call some shops and frame builders ask if they have anything NOS or on sale....You may get lucky with a IF for $1000 or less.

Goof luck.
small list extendedatpjunkie
Apr 1, 2003 12:22 PM
Curtlos are under a grand. Search the web (here in the classifieds and ebay) there's always IF's Kelly's etc...sold this time of year with one season on them.
another for your steel list...TwoWheelinTim
Apr 6, 2003 11:06 AM
Spot brand. One caveat, it's a single speed.
Apr 8, 2003 11:58 AM
My Bianchi Volpe is Reynolds 520, has similar geometry to the Cross-Check, and also has horizontal dropouts for easy SS conversion (which I have done). My 52cm rolled out the door for $720 (MSRP is $850, fully built) at 23.4 pounds with heavy Tiagra/Sugino/Deore components, same weight as that Cross-Check with Ultegra and Dura-Ace! With an Ultegra build kit my bike would come in at 20-21 pounds. Singlespeed could be well under 20 lb without being stupid-light or -expensive.

There's got to be at least a pound of difference between these two bikes in the frame alone. The price is nice and I'm sure it's durable as hell, but maybe overkill for a 'crosser - I've beat the bejeesus out of my Bianchi and it keeps coming back for more too. Not that I'm plugging the Bianchi (although it is one of the most underrated bikes out there), but it just goes to show you that even entry-level steel frames can be a hell of a lot lighter than the Cross-Check.

- Dan