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wierd drivetrain problem(1 post)

wierd drivetrain problemmikebdiddy
Mar 30, 2003 5:50 PM
help-i'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i live at 8000 ft. in colorado, so i put a 48-34 crank & 34-11,xt mega 9 derl. new chain sized properly on ma3's Ritchey
zero's(cartridge bearing hubs-which i don't know how to adjust-even if you can) problem is every thing works fine except i get this wierd rotational spacing when you ride or when you rotate the crank in a stand-kind of like a biopace chainring-something tells me a bearing is out but in a cartridge bearing?? took it to the nearest shop 45 miles away, and they say there is nothing wrong, but they are wrong. any clues. tx.