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Is it possible to use that frame for competition bike ? +++(5 posts)

Is it possible to use that frame for competition bike ? +++IM
Mar 25, 2003 1:03 AM
I means Marin Highway One. It has MTB geometry but very long chainstay 17 3/8"
My 2 cents off the cuffgreg n
Mar 25, 2003 11:53 AM
You could "use" just about any bike for CX. However, a few things to consider with this one in particular. 1. You'd have to lose the barends. Their illegal for safety reasons. 2. Flat bar is not typically used for CX racing and not allowed in some races. 2b. If bar has to be swapped out for a drop-style bar, shifter/brake levers will have to be changed. 3. Compact frame gives you less room for portaging the bike. 4. Although those wheels are quite durable for road use, I'd question the low spoke count for CX use. 4. Triple crankset is pretty much overkill for a "competition bike". 5. Having a more mt. bike-esque geometry which includes a longer wheel base will improve stability. However, it sacrifices the nimbleness of a true CX frame.

Like I said, you could use this bike, but I just thought I'd point a few things out to consider more carefully.
Thanks for answer BUT +++++IM
Mar 26, 2003 12:29 AM
My question was about ONLY FRAME and FORK. I doubt that long chainstays is good for racing. I plains to create CX bike ( based on some Marin frame) for training and some late autumn CX racing. My main specialization is XC racing.
If impossible to use that frame, I'll use NOVATO with alu fork. But it will be a problem with brakes.
Mar 25, 2003 12:06 PM
I worked for a Marin dealer last year as a mechanic and built up a half-dozen Mill Valleys which are in the same product grouping as the Highway One. One issue that I would see is that there is very little clearance in the chainstay to fit a knobby tire (at least on the 2002 models).
Mar 25, 2003 6:17 PM
for the same price you can find some swank, slightly used full cx bikes.