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Tell me about Ritchey brake pads...(7 posts)

Tell me about Ritchey brake pads...Steve_O
Mar 19, 2003 6:52 AM
I had an REI dividend to burn and picked up some Ritchey Superlogic Red compound brake pads (The Severe Condition ones) last night.

Anyone try these out before? Feedback? They didn't have Koolstop's Salmon colored pads so I thought I would give the Ritcheys a try...

re: Tell me about Ritchey brake pads...SLB
Mar 19, 2003 11:05 AM
I've got the red ones on both my race bike and rain/commuter. I really like them when they are new and they do work well in the wet. Just make sure you keep them gritty by sanding occasionally. Like all pads, they get bad when glazed over, doubly so in the rain.

The one gripe is have is wear. The pads on my commuter wear down very quickly. (a few months) But I ride that bike 4-5 times a week, in the rain and down a 40mph hill on the way to work. Next time, I'm going to get harder and cheaper pads like the black ones or kool stops.

They are still doing great on the race bike though. I raced 6 races this year and they are still grabbing well. I dont plan on switching anytime soon.
Love the <font color=red>red</font> ones!GlowBoy
Mar 19, 2003 12:12 PM
I have them on both my 'cross and mountain bikes. Admittedly I haven't tried the Kool-Stop salmon colored pads, but I have tried both Rim Wrangler pads that came with my Avids, and both Kool-Stop and Ritchey black pads. In dry conditions there's not much difference, but when things get sloppy the red Ritcheys work two to three times better than some of those other pads.

Mine actually seem to be wearing longer than other pads I've used, and at this rate they will last a really long time, since they also come with a bit more pad material (at least the threaded-post V-brake style pads are thicker and wider than most others). I paid $8 a set for mine. What a deal!

I may have to get the blue ones for my mountain bike eventually though. Tradeoff will be increased wear, of course.

- Dan
use the non cartridge versionsatpjunkie
Mar 19, 2003 1:16 PM
on my spooky's. work quite well, both versions, usually black as it's never that severe in SoCal.
re: Tell me about Ritchey brake pads...snwbdrhoon
Mar 19, 2003 1:37 PM
Have them on my MTB bike, but they wear really fast...

After a 24 hour race and about another month of riding, they were gone.
I have a pairAhimsa
Mar 19, 2003 3:58 PM
I put some on one of my commuter bike's cantis a few years ago. I thought they were great compared to the stock Shimano pads. I agree with the others about glazing, but haven't had the wear issues.

All in all, I'd buy them again. I ride Kool Stops right now, but if they weren't available I'd go Ritchey without a thought.


thanks all!Steve_O
Mar 21, 2003 6:19 AM
tried out the pads this morning on an overcast misty day in Chicago. The seemed to work as well in the wet as the old pads worked in dry conditions. No complaints so far!