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Cannondale bikes?(4 posts)

Cannondale bikes?ICEAXE
Mar 12, 2003 7:32 PM
I'm looking to get cross bike and I was debating between the C'dale Cyclocross disc and headshock models. Any experience with these bikes would be great.
Had a cannondale headshock cyclo...thatsmybush
Mar 13, 2003 1:16 PM
Did not have time to ride it so sold it. When I did ride it I really liked it alot. Solidly built, very responsive, not too harsh.
re: Cannondale bikes?bluebike
Mar 13, 2003 7:38 PM
I went through a similar question a couple of weeks ago. I spent several weeks looking for a cross bike and decided the cannondale was right for me. I went to a local bike shop (Chicago) and test rode the base 2003 C'dale cross and the headshock version, and also the Bad Boy disc.

First of all, the disc brakes are nice (great stopping power!) but unless you plan on seeing really muddy conditions, or are concerned about wear on the rim, I am not sure it is worth the extra $$$. As for the headshock, I also feel it didn't add much for the $$$. The Bad Boys' longer traveled headshock does add some nice cusion, but the travel distance is something like twice as long.

Personally, I prefer a road bike that is stiff, but I need some off road capabilities with the option of racks for bike camping and commuting, but the rigid 2002 model C'dale cross w/o discs is how I went.

Just some thoughts . . .
re: Cannondale bikes?atpjunkie
Mar 13, 2003 8:20 PM
my only gripe with C'Dale is the price. they have lesser spec in comparison to same pride bikes. This may not be an issue as I'm sure deals will be to had due to their chapter 11. Cannondales also have short top tubes but that may fit your body (it doesn't fit mine). One of our local top pros races on C'Dale cross bikes and does quite well. He has one of each (rigid and headshock) he chooses which by the race course. He finished 5th US Nat's Master 30-35, dominated the elites in our local series, plus won Santa Barbara series as well. He finished top 20 in the redline cup races here out west so the bikes definitely work.
If you plan on racing I'd save the $ and avoid the discs, they'll help in the wet but the additional weight will be disliked on the run-ups.
There's been alot of talk about discs being the new rave but they haven't appeared on any race bikes to date. If you want a trail bike,
adventure cycle go ahead. HAve Fun