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Crankset Choicestxcross
Mar 11, 2003 8:53 AM
I'm looking at putting a proper crankset on my cross bike, it came with Tiagra 39, 53.

My choices seem to be
Ultegra with cross rings from cyclocrossworld for ~180
Truvativ Elita from bikeman for ~130
Ritchey pro cross from bikeman for ~120

Bottom Brackets seem to be roughly the same price for ISIS vs. Shimano so that won't matter much.

They all seem to weigh roughly the same ~640 grams

Any opinions?
re: Crankset Choicesmikebdiddy
Mar 11, 2003 9:06 AM
all of those choices are still 130mm cranks, so they will still be larger rings. schwab cycles out of denver sells 2 110mm 48-34 ring cranks-sugino for $140.00 which is actually a triple without the inner, and a TA for $200.00 which is beautiful. I opted for the sugino which is very lightweight in case i ever want to put a triple on. plus after the rings wearout i plan to make it a 50-36 with veulta rings from cambria.
re: Crankset ChoicesNater
Mar 11, 2003 9:16 AM
You could also achieve the same thing as all of these 'cross cranks by buying a new large chainring. I believe they run a 39/46 or 48 tooth setup. If it were me, I'd just buy the smaller larger ring and save some money. I'm running a 110mm mountain crankset like the other poster with a 36/48 double and a slightly shorter BB spindle than the crank calls for with the triple set-up.
Doubled Triplestriangleforge
Mar 11, 2003 2:42 PM
Any of the three choices you list would work well, and look mighty sporty on any CX bike. You might like being able to go lower than 38 teeth for an adventure/trails bike, as other respondents have suggested, but it's not absolutely necessary -- my bike has a single 42 ring, and I'm perfectly happy with that.

If you do go with a 110 BCD mountain crank sans-small ring, I'd strongly advise a Jump Stop or other chain watcher. The small ring mounting bosses do an excellent job of trapping a dropped chain against the BB shell or BB spindle -- two years ago, I used a doubled SunTour XC Pro crank and occasionally had trouble getting the chain back on when it dropped (then I got a Chain Watcher and had a problem with that, but that's another story). Even worse was a friend's new Bianchi Axis -- the gap between the mounting bosses of the two-ring triple cranks and the BB shell is JUST big enough for the chain to sneak in there, but small enough that it's really hard to extract. That said, a MTB triple can be an excellent route to a nice 36-46 crankset...

Doubled Triplesatpjunkie
Mar 11, 2003 9:00 PM
Cambria Bike has an AC Forged (it's an XTR compatible knock off) cheap. It's light, strong, runs XTR Splined BB and oh yeah CHEAP. put some rings (Shimano, Salsa, etc...) on it and go. Probably for under 125 or so. Have one on a cxer and it does wunnerfully
Ring JobFred the Cross Poser
Mar 14, 2003 8:35 AM
IMHO, there isn't anything bad enough about the Tiagra crank to replace it right way. You can get replacement rings to fit the 130 mm BCD from many sources. Harris Cyclery and Peter White Cycles are two good places to start.

Additionally, if you like Truvative, you can get their road/cyclocross rings directly from them for like $35 for the set. They offer a cyclocross ring set with a 48 big ring.