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hoooray, got rid of my Avid shorty's(3 posts)

hoooray, got rid of my Avid shorty'sweskimad
Mar 10, 2003 6:20 PM
On this board I saw a reference to someone running their old Paul canti's on their cross bike. Got me thinking, so I dusted off both pairs or Paul Stoplight Canti's I had stored in the back of my old component pile, I even had two pairs of kool stop pads sealed in their package. I'm just sorry I waited so long. I can't get these brakes to squeal if I try. I'm not embarassed to apply my brakes anymore!
Me too! (but went a different route to replace them)GlowBoy
Mar 11, 2003 12:24 PM
Last week I pulled the Shorty 6s off my 'cross bike and replaced them with V-brakes (Avid SD7), controlled by Dia-Compe 287-V levers.

Now I have the braking power I really need. Cantis have enough power for 'cross racing, but they just weren't cutting it for commuting. I have as much squeal up front as I did with the Shortys though.
reold Paul Cantisatpjunkie
Mar 11, 2003 8:44 PM
that was me. great brakes. the avid tri align (which many here love) are designed after those old Pauls. Oh the peace and quiet. Gotta love the old parts bin. Makes me glad I'm part pack-rat.