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cx versus road bar width, kelly take-offs(3 posts)

cx versus road bar width, kelly take-offssatanas
Feb 26, 2003 10:25 AM
Wondering whether people tend to use wider or shorter reach or shallower drop bars for cross, or shorter/higher rise stems?

Am interested in maximum control offroad - especially on descents.

I use 40cm c-c bars on the road and am wondering whether to go wider, and whether top-mount brake levers should have any impact on this?

Don't want to use super flared bars, but am thinking of Ritchey WCS Ergo or Biomax (the shallow, flared ones), or Salsa CX bars probably 42cm, or *maybe* 44. Are the flared bars narrower across the brake hoods???

Also interested in the Kelly Takeoff lever mounts, but not sure if my fingers will do the job. Have sprained both thumbs more than once skiing, and had trouble with left hand Suntour Command shifter and thumb extension. The pics seem to imply that the KTO's mount the lever a long way inboard....

re: cx versus road bar width, kelly take-offsatpjunkie
Feb 28, 2003 11:10 AM
yes, go wider. 42 or 44. wider will give you more leverage and control. People also tend to go shorter /positive angle stems as well. My road stem is -5 x 130 and I run 110 by plus 5 for cx. It's easier on the back in the rough, you can wheelie and/ or bunny-hop easier, also cx bikes tend to have longer TT's. It also improves technical descending position which is quite helpful offroad. I use the Biomax and they are fine. I'd avoid the WCS as I don't think their light weight was intended for off road use/abuse.
Flared bars are measured from hood to hood so a 44 flared bar will be 46-49 or more at the ends. I think the Nitto 44 or 46's are 50 plus at the ends. It provides good knee clearance if you use bar ends.
good luck.
thanks, this is kinda what I expected! (nm)satanas
Mar 1, 2003 7:07 PM