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Cannondale Headshokpawistik
Feb 24, 2003 7:42 AM
What is your opinion on the Cannondale Headshok? Is it worth the extra $$? Or, is it mostly a gimmick to get me to part with more of my money? (I don't see other companies rushing to copy it.) Is it necessary or even useful? How well is it built, how easy is it to maintain & repair, and is it going to last as long as the rest of the bike should with proper maintenance?

If you could choose between two bikes similar in all respects except the headshock including price, would you go for the headshock or would you avoid it? Weight is not a major consideration.

re: Cannondale Headshokjhr
Feb 24, 2003 9:00 AM
I owned one (xs 800) for about 2 years and then sold it on ebay. At the same time I owned an xr 800 (non-headshock). Both bikes were 52cm but the standover on the headshock bike was considerably higher.

The headshock frame was a really fun adventure bike. I used to use it as a rain road bike (with road tires), .to pull my kids in a Burley trailer, and .to ride the local mountain bike trails. It was really fun passing guys on dual suspended bikes, just to get that, " he can't be faster on that" look. Funny thing though I never really used it as a pure cyclocross bike.

The fork worked fairly well, although it did blow an oil seal once. The bike was very heavy at about 25-25.5 lbs. It also felt like it had a very high center of gravity. The other thing that bugged me was that you pretty much had to run a V style brake on the front, because of the telescoping action of the fork. The frame came with this cheasy cable stop that mounted to the fork, but it was too short, wouldn't stay in place and just never worked well. Otherwise like all cannondales it was well constructed.

When I decided to start racing, the bike pretty much became expendable. I can not imagine trying to flick that thing onto my shoulder (you will however see guys racing them, and yea I have been beaten by some of these guys) during a race.

In short, I felt it was a very fun adventure/hybrid bike, but not a great race bike.

Hope this is the kind of feedback you are looking for.

re: Cannondale Headshokatpjunkie
Feb 24, 2003 7:14 PM
one guy down here in S.D. (Brent Prezlow) races one. he has 2 C'Dales (he's sponsored) and has one of each. he chooses which to race by the course and conditions. He finished 5th in the US Nat's 30-35 masters, dominated our SD series (Elite Men), Won the Santa Barbara Series (Elite Men), the CA State Championships (Elite Men) 2 top 20 finishes in the Redline Cup, as well as winning 2 races in the Urban CX Series in LA. So he's proof in the pudding, it can be done and to great results.