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Has anyone swapped out avid squealys, I mean shortys......(9 posts)

Has anyone swapped out avid squealys, I mean shortys......snuz
Feb 20, 2003 5:51 PM
because of the damn noise. I've tried all of the tricks but I think I'm going to go with something else.
re: Has anyone swapped out avid squealys, I mean shortys......atpjunkie
Feb 20, 2003 7:14 PM
switched to a set of Spooky's and a vintage set of Paul CNC MTB Canti's. (This is the Brake the Avid TriAlign Copied). squeal free and quite happy.
re: Has anyone swapped out avid squealys, I mean shortys......Eric Marshall
Feb 21, 2003 3:51 AM
I did this past season and switched to Empella's. They've been great so far! I'm using the salmon Kool Stop pads on them too.
Did it last night! (more)Steve_O
Feb 21, 2003 8:08 AM
The timeliness of your post is amazing...

Several weeks ago I had a line on some XTR canti's but the transaction fell through (outbid at the last second). I just picked up a set of Radius Canti's on eBay (See Listing) for $35.

Since the stock Radius pads have such a bad reputation I also picked up some Performance Topo cartridge pads on sale ($4.99 x 2).

I got the brakes yesterday and did the installation last night. The initial test ride (street at 11pm) was very encouraging. The power seems good and no squeal. We'll see how the Performance pads work, although I have some Ritchey red pads ready for swap out should the squealing return...

Why the Radius brakes?

- Price is good... $35 for a complete set is WAY cheaper then SRP, Pauls, or other options. Add on $10 for better pads and it's a pretty cheap setup!
- Threaded pad mounting means I can use cartridge style V-Brake pads. This (to me) is a big bonus as I had trouble finding Post mount cartridge style pads and most traditional canti's use post mount. With Cartridge style pads I can swap pads without readjusting my brakes all the time...
- Clearance... With my Avids I would always have to deflate my rear tire to get it past the brakes. This doesn't seem to be the case with the Radius brakes. They sit farther off the brake boss so the pads don't contact the seatstays and get in the way.

I plan on posting a full review and picts once I get some real mileage in.
Also some of the tricks I've tried...Steve_O
Feb 21, 2003 8:30 AM
Like you, I tried a ton of different tricks with my Shorties. They include:

- Different pads from Avid, Ritchey, and Coolstop
- Toe-in, Toe-out, flat mounting
- Changing straddle cables
- Multiple e-mails with Avid Tech Support
- TFE tape on the brake boss
- Greasing the brake boss
- extra washers

I hate to say it (because I have great luck with other Avid products) but the Shorties have been a disappointment. Cheers to anyone else out there who can get them working properly...
Try this...KEN2
Feb 21, 2003 2:06 PM
Don't know what fork or rim your running, as those can be a factor (I run Mavic OP CD rims), but the best fix (and much cheaper than other options) is *extreme* toe-in. I'm talking much more than the usual recommended--I have mine set so just the front tip initiates contact, with perhaps a two nickel-width gap at the rear of the shoe. When they wear or start to squeal I flip 'em over, then just pitch and install new ones. Absolutely no squeal with this method, and I used to have bad squeal with the standard toe-in setup.
Try this...atpjunkie
Feb 21, 2003 3:20 PM
yes, extreme toe works. sadly I don't feel this should be necessary with brakes of this quality and price. Extreme toeing shouldn't (IMHO) have to be done on brakes of this level. Most of us (ex Avid Users) have gone through all this hassle adjusting and tweaking for something that is clearly a design flaw and should be fixed by the mfr. I had the problem on O/P's and Aeroheads as other posters have over the years on a variety of rims. You can't blame the wheel/fork when the brake seems to do it regardless of either. Selling the Avids and using other brakes since mid-season (Spooky's and old cnc Paul MTB's) I am no longer reminded of my brakes, don't need to check my pad wear (extreme toe causes far more pad wear) and as you state, the need to flip the pads, etc... so to me replacing is infinitely cheaper than the constant 'fixing' it took to run the Avids.
re: Has anyone swapped out avid squealys, I mean shortys......kiwisimon
Feb 22, 2003 9:09 AM
i must be lucky but after installing shorty 4s following the directions from a to f on the sheet in the box and riding six days a week commuting for all winter as well as the odd sunday thrashing through mud e.t.c i haven't had any probs.

I'm running cosmics(mavic wheels) only ever give the brake pads a rub with 180 grade paper when i clean the bike and rub the rims with jif on a cloth before rinsing very well with water.No squeek and they work well with campy levers. but then again if i had more money i would have went with pauls neo retros. good luck
aha, this must be the magic setup :)lonefrontranger
Feb 24, 2003 9:57 AM
I too use Avid Shorty 6s with Mavic (Cosmos, not Cosmics) and Ergos. No squeal for me. I clean my rims regularly, too. The only time they have ever squealed was when they were really dirty and varnishy from a rain ride, and since my MTB brakes used to squeal when dirty, I figured it was normal.