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HUBS: Chris King VS. American Classic-Your opinion and why.(4 posts)

HUBS: Chris King VS. American Classic-Your opinion and why.125lb
Feb 19, 2003 8:36 PM
Chris King classic road hubs vs. AC ultralight hubset?
re: HUBS: Chris King VS. American Classic-Your opinion and why.atpjunkie
Feb 19, 2003 9:07 PM
CK, why, they're the best. well sealed, great engagement mechanism, cool angry bee sound. My second choice would be Hugi.
re: HUBS: Chris King VS. American Classic-Your opinion and why.flyweight
Feb 20, 2003 9:18 AM
To be honest I'd chose neither. I'd simply go with DuraAce. DuraAce is good enough for the pros so it's probably going to hold up just fine for us lesser mortals. The King is a better made hub, no doubt about it. However it costs more than twice what a DA hub costs without offering twice the value. The weight savings isn't enough to make any difference in the real world - anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves. The King also won't last twice as long as the DuraAce (something of a moot point since you can easily replace all the parts that routinely wear out on either hub)

Seems like the only reason to chose a King over a DuraAce or Record hub is some sort of weird need to have the coolest/trickest/most expensive parts (and even then you're still losing because ADA wheels will beat the Kings) Last but not least, the King makes a loud buzzing noise. Some people like this, some find it annoying.
KING front/campy rearChazWicked
Feb 25, 2003 12:39 PM
I've destroyed my share of xt, xtr and I can only assume that dura ace & ultegra will die as easily or more so.

Meanwhile, I have a chris king front hub that's 7 or so years old... maybe more. I can't remember :^)

This hub has been ridden through mud, underwater, dry dusty... everything and it just keeps on. So for me, it's a strong cost *savings* to pony up for this hub. When doing the math, consider the cost to rebuild the wheel + spokes & rim.

I too find the king rear buzzing sound noisy. I'm running a campy record on the back. Yeah it's overkill and costly but it has a grease port so I think it might rival the king but only time will tell. Going campy for the r hub means your drivetrain will also need to change... ugh. But if it's roasted and you've grown tired of shimano then... hmmm.

Someone else posted that Hugi is a good option. I had the ratchet mech fail during an aggressive climb causing an unfortunate bashing of my knee. This part can be replaced for $40 so ongoing maintenance might include dropping a new one in every 2 years. Upon inspection of the old ones, I could not really see any rounding or damage to the teeth.

I have a phil wood front on a different bike. It's a piece of art. Heavier than the king but it's sooo pretty and nice that I don't care really.

good luck