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do you size a cross bike same as road??(3 posts)

do you size a cross bike same as road??wheelsucker
Feb 17, 2003 2:39 PM
I race road and want to get a good season end deal on a cross bike for next year, I ride a 54cm(cc) road bike now should I buy a 54cm cross?

re: do you size a cross bike same as road??jrm
Feb 17, 2003 3:20 PM
For me the important thing is picking a CX frame with the same TT lenght as the roadie.
re: do you size a cross bike same as road??atpjunkie
Feb 17, 2003 7:44 PM
depends on frame. usually 1-2 cm smaller. cx bikes tend to run 'long' as previous poster stated. Find one that has a similar or close TT length with 1-3 cm Shorter seat tube. standover is diff on a cx bike as BB is higher, tires are larger and you don't want to crack the jewels on a mount, dismount or wreck.
so here's my set-up
ROAD: 61 cm Merckx 58.8 TT 130 stem -5 rise
CX#1: 58 cm Specialized (Y2K) S-Works 59 C TT 110 stem +5 rise
CX#2 57cm Ridley (Y2K) 59 cm TT 110 stem +5 rise.
Ridley is smaller ST but equal TT, has plenty of standover, even running 38 tires. Love this fit, though some would think it 'small' for me size wise at 57.
as last post said TT is the key.
I can't ride Colnagos as they are too short (TT) for me. Find one that fits you.
most cx bikes that are the same size as your roadie will feel quite cramped in the crotch.
good luck and good hunting