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suggestions for 32-35mm tires good for GRAVEL?(4 posts)

suggestions for 32-35mm tires good for GRAVEL?GlowBoy
Feb 11, 2003 4:47 PM
I plan on doing a fair amount of backroads-riding/adventure biking this summer, with a typical day's ride including some combination of dirt, gravel and paved roads. I'm looking for tires that are about as wide as I can get away with, have a tread that does really well in loose gravel and rolls decently fast on hardpack. Gravel performance is more important than rolling resistance though.

Up front I don't have any issues with clearance, so I'm going to try using a Ritchey Mount Cross 700x38 up front, which I already own and seems like it should combine the traits I mentioned with reasonable weight and pretty decent cush.

In back, though, my chainstay clearance is fairly limited. I can run a Kenda Kross Supreme 700x35 (which is fairly large for its stated size), but with not a lot of clearance left over. I like the Kenda but it's a little TOO aggressive for my purposes. Currently I have a Conti Twister 700x32 on the back, but it's VERY skinny for a 700x32 (actually about 28mm), and I'd like something that is wider and has a little MORE aggressive tread for gravel.

I just noticed that Geax makes a 700x33 version of the Blade, which seems like a really good tire for the conditions I'm talking about. Anyone used that one? How 'bout the Ritchey ExcaVader, or the Nokian 'cross tire?

I'd especially like to hear from anyone who's really used any of these as a rear tire on loose gravel, and I'm open to any and all suggestions. I will have to say up front, though, that I'd be hesitant to go with any Michelin products because of what I've heard about their puncture resistance.

Thanks in advance.

- Dan
Geax Blade 33'spauly
Feb 12, 2003 6:16 AM
I have the Blades on my singlespeed CX bike at the moment. When new, they performed well in a number of different conditions. However, the tread has worn off alarmingly quickly. I don't know if it was the asphalt or the gravelly stuff that did it, but I wouldn't recommend them unless you can get 'em REALLY cheap.
Appreciate the feedback...Steve_O
Feb 12, 2003 8:42 AM
I've been thinking about pulling the trigger on this deal...

$16.95 for a Geax tire is tempting but not if it wears quickly...
thanks for the info ... how did the width seem?GlowBoy
Feb 13, 2003 11:58 AM
Did they appear to be a "real" 33mm, or did they seem skinny for their stated size?

With the price that Nashbar's got going, I may just order one and see how it works.

- Dan