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I wanna Surlykameamea
Feb 7, 2003 7:05 PM
I am thinking about picking up a Crosscheck to use s my every day commuter and save my "good" bike. I like the looks of the surly and the bar end shifters too. I can pick one up for 700 bucks. I live in New England and our roads arent the best and the weather sucks too. Is there any reason I should'nt pick up the Surly. Does any one have any opinions about them. All help is appreciated. Thanks
Get one!Nater
Feb 7, 2003 8:55 PM
I've got a Surly that I've had for a couple of years and have been riding it as my "good" road bike. I've got a new road bike for the upcoming season and have been commuting on the Surly and will start to treat it more like a 'cross bike and actually ride it off-road also. I bought the frame/fork and built it up myself but I think the complete bike is a pretty good deal also. I think it would make a great commuter bike for you and wouldn't hesitate recommending one to you.
re: I wanna SurlyJan Gerrit Klok
Feb 8, 2003 1:28 AM
Not that this would make any difference to your case, but I just found out that the largest size Crosscheck is built all but identical to my custom alloy Duratec bike, just a taller seattube which I had made super-sloping and slightly shorter chainstays compared to the ones on the Duratec.
Seeing this, I have trouble not ordering my third Surly even before the first arrives. It'd be so cool to throw out the 7005 Sunn Cycloss frame that I use for commutes, spare bike and road training, and get the Crosscheck as a replacement and get more room for fatties too.
$700 for a complete bike? Man, that's a great deal!
And I learned it's never bad to have an extra CX bike, somehow they always come in handy.

Wow, now that I think of it, within a year I could own a Karate Monkey mtb, Pacer roadbike and Crosscheck cx spare bike. Hmmm...

Anyone interested in a Sunn Cycloss 6ocm frame+fork? :-)
re: I wanna Surly1x1 Speed Craig
Feb 8, 2003 4:50 AM
Click here to read my response to roughly the same question posted by someone a while back. I also have a photo in that response. The Surly is a great bike!

My Biking Website
great commuterEricTheRed
Feb 14, 2003 10:03 AM
I've been using mine since the beggining of winter as a commuter ~11 miles roundtrip usually 5 days a week. I've also taken it on some of the local trails, its a blast, and its even cooler to pass guys on MTB w/ gears when you are on a cross bike w/ 1 gear. I've run it w/ some cheap yet skinny commuting tires and that was great till the snow came. Now i've got some 35mm cheap kendas that make the snow and dirt paths easier to handle. I've hit the deck a couple of times cause of ice and the bike is fine, its very sturdy, but it also isn't the lightest bike.