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What did I see in Monopoli?(2 posts)

What did I see in Monopoli?mhale
Feb 7, 2003 12:20 PM
I had the good fortune to catch the world's this past weekend live in the flesh and besides some great riding I saw something else that caught my eye. On one of the French team member's bikes he was running a XTR crank with some great looking chainrings. The XTR design calls for the use of what I always thought was some very specific rings as the rings sort of form the spider as well. These rings were not made by Shimano but I didn't get close enough to see who made them. I would like to run an XTR crank on my cross bike and seeing this set-up made me curious. Does anyone out there run an XTR crank on their cross bike? Does anyone know what I saw in Monopoli?? Thanks in advance.

An unrelated aside...the Americans were riding all kinds of frames including: a Steelman, an Independent Fabrication, a Strong, a Richard Sachs...those are the ones that stuck out as interesting. The Belgians were on black and white Ridleys, the Dutch were riding Rabobank-painted Colnagos and the Italians rode beautiful gold and white Pinarellos.
re: What did I see in Monopoli?atpjunkie
Feb 7, 2003 5:46 PM
yes, run an XTR on one and an AC Forged XTR copy on the other. I like the beefier crank and splined BB. There are numerous mfrs that make compatible spiders. I run 48/36