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Tyre & Brake Help Please(5 posts)

Tyre & Brake Help PleaseStevieP
Feb 6, 2003 7:28 AM
Just ordered a new Ridley Crossbow frame. I am a CX virgin so I would appreciate some help on tyre & brake selection. I don't want to spend heaps but equally I dont want something that looks horrible and is heavy.

What tyres & brakes are you running? Do you recommend them?

re: Tyre & Brake Help Pleaseatpjunkie
Feb 6, 2003 10:43 AM
Spooky's and Tufo's (Tub/Clincher) yes highly to both
re: Tyre & Brake Help Pleasehummu
Feb 6, 2003 1:10 PM
Paul Neo Retros and Kenda Kwiks (28mm, 26 mm actual) Gotta love the Pauls for their V brake pad adjustablility. And my real tires are Tufo tubulars. I'm just trying out the semi-slick concept for the first time.
re: Tyre & Brake Help PleaseTB
Feb 6, 2003 3:06 PM
I second the Pauls Neo Retros and Tufos.
re: Tyre & Brake Help Pleasecxfan
Feb 7, 2003 6:02 AM
spooky and tufo's are the way to go....great power, less money than Pauls and the Tufos by far are the best cx tub or tub/clincher on the market

good luck