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Frame SizingDan Q
Feb 6, 2003 5:25 AM
I need a hand with estimating my approximate frame size. I have both road and mountain biked for a long time and this fall I got an itch to try cyclocross racing. In the end, my free time and $$ were not available enough to be able to start up. I am now hoping to pick up a frame/fork this spring so that I can cobble together a bike by mid summer. I really have no idea how to gauge the frame size I need though. My road bike is a 60 cm (c-c) with a 59 cm top-tube. My mtn. bike is a 19.5" I'm 6'1" with a 34" inseam. From reading past posts I am guessing that my size may be a 58 cm but I feel like if my road bike were 2 cm smaller I would not be attacking singletrack and hopping on and off it at race pace. Possibly it is just that between the size and geometry difference it is enough to cover the handling gap. Please help with this dilemma and thanks in advance for any replies.
Simon Burney say'sjhr
Feb 6, 2003 9:20 AM
In Simon Burney's Book on the subject he suggests a top tube and seat tube 1cm shorter than on your road bike. He also suggests the same length stem as your roadbike, raised up 1cm. He suggests lowering the saddle app. 1/2 to 1cm and moving it backwards slightly.

My cross bike has a 1.7cm shorter top tube (therefore I run 1cm longer stem, 1cm higher than road bike) because this was the closest compromise related to the stock sizing available. The longer stem does seem to add some stability, however.

I don't think any cross bike will attack single track like a mountain bike (in truth I havn't ridden a mountain bike in about 5 years). Most cross courses don't have much single track. Jumping on and off is a learned skill (one that I am not very good at) more than a function of frame sizing.

Hope this helps.