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question -singlespeed conversion kit 4sale in classifieds(3 posts)

question -singlespeed conversion kit 4sale in classifiedsbuffalosorrow
Feb 5, 2003 10:24 AM
Are these worth the $9.99 plus $3 shipping? I think when I was searching these, surly had one for $50? this seems like a deal to good to be true...has anyone purchased one? How's the quality?
This will get you halfway there.Alex-in-Evanston
Feb 5, 2003 12:04 PM
This guy's just selling an unramped cog & spacers. It will turn your cassette hub into a one speed. You still need some kind of chain tensioner. That's what that $50 surly thing is.

What are you converting?

what I am comverting...buffalosorrow
Feb 5, 2003 12:52 PM
What I was going to rebuild with the SS converter was a RSX or 105 7s hub laced to a velocity rim. If I remember correctly it is a 6s freewheel with additional squeezed cog. Will the work now?

I have two frames, a Motobecane with a trashed malliard track hub and a Pinarello with the RSX or 105 7s hub/ velocity rim. Both frames have horizontal dropouts, so the chain tensioner will not be needed, I would think.

The Motobecane was my first fixed gear, when I was a messenger.

The Pinarello was a ebay purchase, and a gift to a friend. Perfect winter/ SS/fix that ended back in my hands and is just to large for me. I should sell it.

Or keep the wheel for my SS cross as a spare. I am just trying to find use for spare wheels laying around.