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My new custom SS cross -Thanks everybody(3 posts)

My new custom SS cross -Thanks everybodyJMD
Jan 30, 2003 8:26 PM
First - Thanks to everyone on this board who has helped me with my project over the last few months. From all of your help I narrowed down my search to a few frames and learned what did/did not work and what I needed. Basically I wanted a race-type frame that would handle fixed gear road riding as well, but have clearance for big knobbies as well. No production frame came close, although the Kelly knobby cross came close (thanks Steve-O for all the help) - anyway - I put everything together with lots of strong opinions from the board and decided on Tom Teesdale to build my frame/fork. He gave me a hell of a deal and worked in a timely manner considering all the changes I made as we went along.
Basically I have a Columbus Zona frame/fork that I had him powdercoat for slightly more. This solved the paint problems that others describe ( and it looks sweet as well). So basically I have a frame based on the Kelly Knobbycross geometry, but with a slightly sloping TT for trail rides and room for 45 mm tires! This means I can have room for 45 mm Mutanoraptors (possibly the new Kenda29 tire as well as I hear it is only 48mm wide) or cross or road tires depending on terrain. I had him use the Surly horizontal dropouts with the derailer mount on there to mount gears for race season. Chose V-brake mounts with Diacompe levers (thanks for the recommendation!). So hear we go - This thing rides SWEET. I have an IF Deluxe mtb and Crown Jewel road frame and this frame rides as well. It dances. I rode up a technical fireroad yesterday that has a lot of big rocks at the top.It is my tempo climb I usually ride on the mtb. Well, I rode it on the teesdale with only 27 mm cross tires and I found myself taking lines like I was on my hardtail with downhill tires! It handles like a dream. Climbs incredible and is so sweet of a ride I feel like there is suspension in the frame somewhere. I realize that there are lots of compotent frame builders out there that do a great job - but I must say that I enjoyed working with Tom very much and would not hesitate to purchase another bike from him. He is an excellent craftsman and puts out a hell of a product and is the most honest, quality person to deal with I have met in the bike industry. To all considering a custome frame -Go for the Teesdale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks - Jay
re: My new custom SS cross -Thanks everybody1x1 Speed Craig
Jan 31, 2003 2:13 AM
Congrats, Jay! Sounds like a really nice (and versatile) bike. I have a SS/fixed 'cross bike on the way myself (Steelman), but I just found out that they're running a little behind. I should have it by mid-February. I also plan to ride fixed/free like you, only I won't have a derailleur hanger. Mine will have Paul SS track fork ends. I'm also waiting on the new Surly 135mm fixed/free hubs to become available (supposedly in February).

Anyway, enjoy the new Teesdale! Sounds like fun.

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Sounds great! Would love to see some pictures (nm)pauly
Jan 31, 2003 6:56 AM