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Surly Cross Checkgrease monkey
Jan 24, 2003 8:25 AM
Hey, hey! Anyone have comments on the Surly Cross Check? It doesn't sound incredibly light but it seems a great start for a first cross bike at an acceptable weight. What do they weigh built up? How do they handle on different terrain? Any pics? Thanks!
re: Surly Cross Check1x1 Speed Craig
Jan 24, 2003 9:32 AM
I had a Cross-check for about a year (just sold it a couple months ago in order to get fundage for a custom Steelman SS 'cross bike). My Cross-check weighed 24.5 lbs. using the ol' bathroom scale method. I purchased it as a complete bike (see specs on Surly's website), so most of the stuff was lower-end/heavier stuff. I'm not sure what one would weigh if you built it up with nice components.

The bike looks nice, and rode very well. It's also very versatile...accepts road or MTB hubs, clearance for HUGE tires, clearance for a triple chainring (if you wish to do so), fender/rack mounts, etc. The rear dropouts also make it really easy to convert into a single speed, which I did a couple months prior to selling it (I prefer the SS setup). Overall, I think it's hard to beat for the money.

Here's a photo of mine. I was toying around with handlebar height at the time (note the Zoom "Heads-Up" unit). Pretty much stock except for the saddle, stem, WTB Dirt Drop bars, and Zoom "Heads-Up".

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re: Surly Cross Checkgrease monkey
Jan 29, 2003 5:43 AM
Yeah, I definitely dig the Surly because it's a cool do it all kind of frame. I don't hammer on my bikes six days a week anymore like I used to. Granted I do put the smack down but I'm just more laid back these days and the weight doesn't concern me as much anymore. I'd like to build it up with cool parts and just be able to cruise anywhere I feel like going. I haven't definitely decided yet because the Jamis is pretty interesting as well. Thanks for your help though guys! Keep riding!
re: Surly Cross Checkjrm
Jan 25, 2003 8:17 AM
I rode one for about a year both as a road bike and CX bike by swapping wheelsets. I found that the head/seat angles wher great for trail riding resulting in a pretty stable ride. On the road though the angles resulted in heavy and ackward handling. And they where slack enough to make staying on top of a tall gear kinda hard.

If i were to do it all over again i'd look at something like the Jamis Comet, or Lemond Poprad.
Get a cross-check!floatch
Jan 28, 2003 3:25 PM
I just finished my build, and I'm a huge surly fan now. I built mine with nice stuff, Ultegra STI, XT rear d, Paul's levers, Avid brakes, etc. I'm not sure what it weighs, but it's not super lightweight. You could build it with light stuff and replace the super-heavy fork with a carbon cross fork and really have something. The only thing I don't like about my cross-check is that my toes rub on my front tire in very slow-speed tight turns (on singletrack sometimes). I understand this is pretty common for cross bikes, though. It hasn't caused me to crash yet, and it's actually pretty easy to avoid.
I suggest Surly, because it was cheap, simple, the red is an awesome blood-like color, and I like their do-it-all philosophy. I'd strongly suggest building your own, because I think some of the parts they choose are kinda cheesy, and it's good bike karma to build your own bikes anyway.