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What to do?Fixie-ated
Jan 24, 2003 5:31 AM
I have a Litespeed titanium mountain frame hanging in the basement. It has been stripped down of its parts and it has just been hanging there and seems like such a waste.

My current cx bike is a 1999 Fuji Cross. It is a fantastic bike, so much so that I ride it 90% of the time, thus the reason for the Litespeed being hung up.

I have been considering upgrading my cx bike when the thought occurred to me. I have a quality ti frame wasting away, why not use it for cx??

What does the message board have to say about that. All I need to do is find a quality rigid fork and transfer my cx bars and etc to the Litespeed. I would guess that it would build up to less than 20 pounds and should be as durable as anything else out there.

There are two major concerns:

Will the geometry of a mountain bike allow for the same "feel" of a true cx bike? Has anyone else converted a mountain frame to cx and have they been happy with the results?

Second, I only do a few races a year. Will there be any penalties by not using a true cx bike?

Thanks for the info.
re: What to do?dlbcx
Jan 24, 2003 6:13 AM
It can be done. I was looking at one guy's bike while waiting for the start of a race. Looks like he took a Specialized mtn bike frame and used a rigid fork. Then, to make up for the taller front end, he reversed a 10 deg rise stem to get a lower position for the bars. Then, he used V brakes with a flat mtn bike bars. For wheels, he had a pair of 700C carbon wheels with Tufos, probably Lightweights or some other type of high end wheels.
If you want to see the guy's bike, look on the NCNCA website and check the photo links. I believe his name is Chris D'Aliusio. Should be easy to find since he was stomping us in the M35 races.
re: What to do?Fixie-ated
Jan 24, 2003 12:04 PM
It sounds like your description says the racer uses 700c wheels on a bike designed for 26". Is that even possible?

I want to use my 26 mountain wheels. Is that a problem in cx racing?