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Best Drop bar for Cyclocross/29"er offroading?(9 posts)

Best Drop bar for Cyclocross/29"er offroading?2melow
Jan 16, 2003 10:04 AM
Hey guys,

I've got a 29"er that I am currently running a 24" riser bar. For the winter, i've put skinny 'cross tires (well, skinny to me 700x44) on it and am running pair of Mavic Speedcity disk wheels to be able to handle the offroad slop and long, fast descents of Colorado.

Well, I absolutely love the high speed of the skinny tires on the smoother front range trails I ride. I'd like to put a steeper rise, short stem on it and some drops - the wider the better. Well, there are three I have been looking at: The WTB (wide with extreme flares) the Nitto Dirt Drop (48 cm with 9 degrees of flare) and the Salsa Bell Lap Cross 46cm (with 3 degrees of flare.)

I am a mountain biker at heart, and was wondering what bar would work best given my situation. If I like the setup and feel, i'll use the drops for offroad mtb'ing as well. If it helps, I am about 6'3" with 20.5" wide shoulders and use a 46cm bar on my road bike - 24 inch mtb bar. Right now I like the looks of the Salsa bar with the bends - but if my math is right it is only 20 inches wide counting the 3 degrees of flare. Will this be too narrow for me? The WTB looks to be 24" wide, but I am wondering if the extreme flare will be too much and am not sure if you can run STI comfortably.

Any other wide drop bars out there you think I should look at? Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.
re: Best Drop bar for Cyclocross/29"er offroading?atpjunkie
Jan 16, 2003 1:07 PM
The Salsas are great. Personally I'd go old school and get the Nitto's (the other 2 are mods of this design) otherwise see if you can get the salsas in 48. The Nitto was the bar of choice for 80's MTB racing. and they are strong!!!!! good for your size
re: Best Drop bar for Cyclocross/29"er offroading?jrm
Jan 16, 2003 3:37 PM
I like the ritchey bio-pro drops. Nice and wide with about 3 to 5 degrees rearward sweep.
re: Best Drop bar for Cyclocross/29"er offroading?atpjunkie
Jan 16, 2003 4:54 PM
do they have any outward? I think this guy is looking for an outward sweep as well. If not I got a great Syncros 48c bar from Nashbar CHEAP!!!
re: Nope Nmjrm
Jan 17, 2003 5:22 PM
re: Best Drop bar for Cyclocross/29"er offroading?laffeaux
Jan 16, 2003 5:54 PM
It might take a couple of tries to find a bar that you like. I'm currently running a Ritchey WCS bar, the same as I use on my road bike. It works great for me, as I do about 60%-70% of my riding on pavement and the dirt that I ride is fairly tame.

I do have a Salsa Bell Lap bar, and the flairs are nice for off-road use, but I didn't like the feel of the slight outward slope of the brake levers on longer rides.

If you ride the hoods go with any strong bar. If you like the drops the Salsa's might be a good option.
Salsa Bell Lap Cross 46cmadventurefind
Jan 16, 2003 7:32 PM
I have the Salsa Bell Lap Cross 44cm and they're good. I'm 5' 11" and for my frame and my stle of riding, they are just comfortable. No more, no less. I wish to put a Salsa Bell Lap Cross 44cm on my Gunnar mountain bike. I am an avid fan of drop bars on mountain bikes.
Thanks Guys. I'm actually putting these Salsa's on to try...2melow
Jan 17, 2003 8:57 AM
My buddy (old roommate) actually ovalaized the headtube of this Willits, and he is letting me borrow the entire bar setup to see if I like it or until he gets his frame back from Wes. I think it is a 46cm Salsa w/ Dia-Compe levers and Shimano Dura Ace 9 speed barend shifters.

What I like about these bars is the hoods are also a hand position. I've never ridden WTB's, but from putting my hands on the hoods- it doesn't seem too comfortable. I'm use to putting over 4000 miles on my road bike a year (mostly commuting, but also some long road rides) and I think the normal bar with 3cm of flare might be more comfortable since I am very use to that. Since I put so much time road on my road bike and I am REALLY comfortable on the road bike I think I can get really close to this on my 29"er but with a more upright drops riding position.

Well, i'm gonna order a Salsa stem 80mm x 115 deg. rise, install the Salsa's, and see where that gets me.

He had WTB's on this bike prior to the Salsa's and actually like the Salsa's better. If I don't like the salsa bars I can always throw on his WTB's. But, I have an old pair of Ultegra STI levers/shifters i'd like to use if I like the drop setup, and I don't think the WTB angle would be STI friendly...

Anyhow, thanks for the help.
Thanks Guys. I'm actually putting these Salsa's on to try...atpjunkie
Jan 17, 2003 10:46 AM
Good Luck. I actually raced on Wide No Flare Road Bars this season. 48C-C Ritcheys and Syncros. They work fine and yes it's nice to have familiar "hoods" feeling as this is where 80% of cx riding takes place