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40 spoke wheel.(5 posts)

40 spoke wheel.helton
Jan 7, 2003 4:24 AM
I am wanting to buy a 40 spoke wheel to use on a cyclocross bike to have a strong wheel since I weigh 320 lbs..All the hubs I have seen so far in 40 spoke are spaced for 140mm to 145mm dropouts..My bike has 135mm spacing in the rear..I put a wheel off a tandem that was spaced 140mm in the rear dropouts to see if it would work..It went but it was tight..The frame is steel so I was wondering if it would do any damage to the frame if i did go with a 140mm or even a 145mm hub? thanks for any info....
re: 40 spoke wheel.Alpedhuez55
Jan 7, 2003 5:59 AM
Many people have spread steel frames to go from 126 to 130 and from 130 to 135. I do not think I would go from 135 to 145 though.

What are you using for rims. I am about your size and have been fine on rims with 36 holes. I have used Mavic T520, MA3 & Open Pro rims all with good results. THe trick for me was finding a good wheel builder. I have never needed more than a minor touch up on them. You may ride harder than I do though.

Mike Y.
re: 40 spoke wheel.atpjunkie
Jan 7, 2003 10:44 AM
I agree. get a custom build. use Velocity Deep Vee's or MAvic CXP's. the vee'd rim is stronger. If you want to go flat rim use a MA3 Mavic. Straight Guage Spokes 36 3x and HANDBUILT. as far as stretching the frame ask triangleforge. he posts here alot. I'd go the 36 route as it will be easier and easier to find rims. otherwise get the 36 spoke WTB 29er MTB rims. plenty strong
re: 40 spoke wheel.helton
Jan 8, 2003 6:52 AM
Local bike shop recommended a mavic rim, don't really remember the model. After reading your post I may stick with the 36 hole and have some built..Thanks, Steve..
re: 40 spoke wheel.atpjunkie
Jan 8, 2003 11:50 AM
if you use Mavic go with the CXP33. deep vees are stronger, work like a rudder in the mud and also shed the slop easier. The MA3 is a strong rim as well but flat. Look into the aerohead or deep vee by Velocity. Had good results. Deep vees weigh more but at your size is a non issue