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Where's Wells?(5 posts)

Where's Wells?bk19
Jan 6, 2003 1:53 PM
I was surprised to see that Todd Wells' name was not listed as a member of the US CX squad for the World Championships. Anyone know the story behind that? I would think that the combined efforts of Gully and Wells (like they did all season) could have helped get the US a decent placing. Just like in the road WC's, are we sending a "B" team?

For the record, those selected were:
Jonathon Page
Marc Gullickson
Andy Jacques-Maynes
Jackson Stuart
Johannes Huseby

None are slouches when it comes to cross, but where's Wells?
re: From VeloNewsoutofthesaddle
Jan 6, 2003 2:02 PM
From an article Sat. on

"Last year's national champion, Todd Wells, who along with his Mongoose teammate Marc Gullickson dominated the U.S. domestic 'cross scene, declared early in the season that he didn't intend to race in Europe, opting instead to focus on mountain-bike racing for the 2003 season. Former U.S. national cyclo-cross champion Alison Dunlap opted out of cyclo-cross entirely this year for the same reason. Nonetheless, USA Cycling's director of athletics, Steve Johnson, said he remains convinced that the U.S. is sending the best team it ever has to a cyclo-cross world championship.

"The group of American athletes that USA Cycling has assembled to compete at the 2003 World Cyclo-cross Championships is one of the strongest ever," said Johnson. "The team represents a great balance of experienced riders and young, fresh athletes who are getting their first taste of international competition. Exposing young riders to a strong international field is a key component of developing a strong, American cyclo-cross program."
re: From VeloNewsatpjunkie
Jan 6, 2003 2:58 PM
it will be good for AJM and the younger guys. Hopefully Page can convince those guys to Euro tours next year. Our Nat. champ has had some good results since the Nat's (best is a 10th). It seems clear to me that if we want to compete on an international level ya gotta race internationally. Gully and wells are great and dominated the US scene but Page with his level of play kicked up a notch from racing across the pond stomped everybody. Hopefully he can serve as guide and mentor and get our cross up to international level. Hopefully the younger riders will follow his lead. Good luck to Wells in MTB, if his heart isn't in it then yes we will be better served by someone who is. If not this year then in the next few.
re: Where's Wells?cxfan
Jan 7, 2003 12:16 PM
I also read somewhere that Gully would not be going to Worlds since he has no sponsorship at this point. I believe that was in a Velonews article. His sponsorship ran out after Nat's and has not found a ride for 03. He stated that finding a job for next year was more important then going to Italy.

Also, CXWorld is not doing the t-shirts this year. Please donate to the cause at to the ACF to pay for some expenses.

re: Where's Wells?atpjunkie
Jan 7, 2003 12:52 PM
you can still donate at the cyclocrossworld site as well (I think). just no shirt