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Wheel StrengthCycloChap
Jan 4, 2003 1:20 PM
DOn't kill me, but this post isn't about cross bikes per se. I am getting a new ride this year after several years of riding a touring bike. This will be my only bike and I have several requirements for it: must not look to popular due to camping and threat of theft, relatively durable, 90% road/paved trail, 10% other trail. I would like to get a cross bike, but most are out of my price range. So, looks like it will be one of the newer hybrids. I'm wondering how the 700c wheelsets do offroad for someone my size: 250# at present. I don't plan to do any gnarly singletrack.
re: Wheel StrengthRCA
Jan 4, 2003 9:14 PM
I have a Trek 720 hybrid 4yrs old and I ride a lot of rail trails which sometimes get a little washed out. no problem and I'm 260lb
re: Wheel Strengthbuffalosorrow
Jan 6, 2003 6:51 AM
As long as you build up the wheelset with heavier guage spokes, with 32 or 36 spokes you should be set to sail...I mean ride.

Mavic makes a selection of touring rims.

Also if you still want to keep in the realm of the MTB world, you can get a 29" wheelset, same as 700c, but larger tires are available. Softens the ride.

I tend to ride hard, but I am a flyweight @ 135. On both of my wheelsets this year, they are slightly out of true. The front on one needed to be rebuilt, and the single speed wheelset I have not taken in to date.

I have seen some discussions regarding wheel failure. Although not to common. Be sure to inspect your wheels prior to a long trip, have them serviced by a knowledgeable wheelsmith than understands that different folks, different spokes.

And regarding a new frame, the Surly is an inexpensive do all tank, although the geometry is not for me. Soma fabrications also make a multi use machine. I would stick with steal. For under $1000 you can get yourself a tourable assault two wheeled steel machine, that will last quite some time. I also have looked at wanta frames, but decided with a UK builder Graham Weigh available @

Months ago I had the custom frame built. Reynolds 531 main tubes, 853 downtube. Horizontal dropouts to run as a singlesleed. Rear racks mounts in case of the great bike migration. I ride this as an everyday commuter, race half the season with it set up as a singlespeed. In six months I have put on over 1500 miles. The frame will last me countless years.
re: Wheel Strengthjrm
Jan 6, 2003 7:42 AM
You my friend should check Ebay or the classified section here on RBR. There are some great deals to had on a used CX bike. whats your $$$ threshold?

I use a 32H, 14/15dt, 3x laced Mavic OP wheelset that works fine for me @ 185.
re: Wheel Strengthatpjunkie
Jan 6, 2003 10:38 AM
am 230 and hard on wheels. Run 32 H O/P's and Velocity Aeroheads on my cx bikes. doing fine. have knocked the O/P's out of true but not bad, should be fine for what you are looking for. go 36 if you are nervous