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My new rig.(5 posts)

My new rig.hummu
Jan 3, 2003 12:33 PM
Got the road bike built up last night. Just needs some knobbies to be off-roadable.

The build goes something like this:

Frame and fork handbuilt in Edmonton of lugged 531
Specialized hubs (7s freewheel 36h) laced to Mavic G40 clinchers
Shimano Deore (before the letters) triple crank 28/38/48
Shimano 600 rear derailleur
Shimano LX front derailleur
Shimano 600 barcon shifters
Shimano RSX brake levers
SR bars
SR stem
Mafac Racer centre pull brakes
Shimano cup and cone bb
Campagnolo hs
Campagnolo record seat post
Flite saddle
Time ATAC pedals

It looks good, but I have some clearance problems with the brake bridge and fork crown. I have Michelin 28s mounted and there is not much room for bigger tires. The chainstay/seatstays and fork blades have plenty of room. I could go to a cross fork and have some frame work done on the rear triangle, but that would cost money that I don't have right now. So far, except for the price of the bike I haven't put any extra dollars into the conversion. However I will be replacing the stem for a riser and the bars for WTB dirt drops when they come in on order from the LBS. I may put my suspension seatpost on as well just to see what it is like on a cross bike.

I plan on using this as an all day/epic ride bike with low gearing for the steeper trails I can't ride on the cross bike. It will also be my spare bike for the races later this year (unless somebody buys it like my last spare).

Now for a few questions. Does anybody have experience with the Dirt Drops? I'd like to mount an Ergo shifter for the rear and wonder if the flare will make it awkward shifting wise. How about Take-Offs?

So there ya go. Any comments?
The first changes.hummu
Jan 3, 2003 4:44 PM
I was having problems with the shifting using the freewheel so I put on front and rear Ultegra/Open Pro wheels. Had to take the rear off of my road bike but I have a replacement for that. The bonus is that it is a 7s cassette 12/28. I'll have lower gearing and lighter wheels. I picked up a set of Kenda Kwick 30 mm tires. Um, they measure about 26 mm mounted on the Open Pros. These are very skinny tires compared to my Tufo 34s. I wonder how they will do in the snow? I was also looking at the Speedmax 32s, but I only had about 2mm clearance between the tire and the fork crown. Too tight for me.

Ride report tomorrow.

first comment, aside from your own....buffalosorrow
Jan 4, 2003 2:39 PM
Why dont you throw on a pair of tufo 32mm tubular clinchers.

I have a spare pair from this season "sigh", and could part with long as I dont tear a tire on my commuter.

email me if interested.
First ride.hummu
Jan 4, 2003 7:25 PM
Well I rode a few trails and roads and off to the bike shop today.

We get a type of snow on the side streets around here that a friend described as brown sugar. It comes about when loose snow kind of melts, freezes and gets pulverized by car tires. I guess it is a combination of snow and ice and salt and dirt and car emissions. It seems to come in patches on harder packed snow and is the perfect thing to grab front wheels as you're riding down the street. This can actually be dangerous if the front wheel is wrenched enough to cause a person to lose control, overcorrect, and either go down or move into oncoming or overtaking traffic. This is the worst thing on my short commute after a snowfall. I had to deal with this on my New Year's Day ride on my Marinoni and there was even more out on the streets today.

Why am I telling you all this. Well I was very worried how the semi-slick and narrow Kenda Kwicks would handle this. Guess what? It is true what they say about narrow tires. The Kendas just cut right through the brown sugar and I just kept rolling along in a straight line through the dangerous patches. Wow! Who knew?

Other than that revelation, the bike handled just fine. The cockpit is too small, but I knew that already. Ditto the bars. I got the MAFAC Racers working really, really good. One younger guy at the bike shop who didn't know what centre pull brakes were as of Thursday was very impressed as he did trials manoeuvres in the shop. He also liked the old school Flite.

Nothing went wrong and I got a nut and bolt to get rid of the seatpost qr. I guess I forgot about the triple crank as I never shifted into it on the ride. I finally remembered about it when I wanted to climb the dirtpile that I propped the bike up onto for the photo.

Let me know what you think. Also, c'mon, somebody relate their experience with Dirt Drops. Are they gonna work with Ergo?

Dirt Drops...jrm
Jan 6, 2003 7:38 AM
What i liked about the DD's was that they provided additional hand positions on the bar. Their width made um stable and comfortable in the dirt.

What i didnt like about the DD's was the angle my wrists had to be in in order to use the additional bar positions, the palms down postion i had to use in order to use the brake lever/ STI. lastly their width really limited my manuverability in traffic while commuting.

Im using the Ritchey Biomass pros now and they seem to really fit the bill so far that is until i find something better.