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Dec 31, 2002 7:28 PM
Been racing mountain bikes for ten years and just did my first cross this season on a rigid mtb. I'm building an all-purpose cx bike for a little bit of everything...road, dirt, touring and race. Please tell me if I'm nuts on any of the following:
Moots psychlo-x ybb frame, moots stem & post
Alpha-q cross fork, carbon steerer (i'm 6'5" 210 lbs)
King headset
Salsa bell lap bars (I'm mixed on these..never tried them, but why don't you see many at the cx races?) if not, which bar?
Old xt canti's
time pedals
Mavic open pro (32h) (is there a ceramic version?)any other rim to consider?
King road hubs
Phil wood bb
Record 9 speed ergo levers
Campy racing-T cranks (30-40-52) 9 speed
Racing-T front & rear derailler
This is where it gets interesting...Since king hubs won't take campy cassettes, I'd run a dura-ace cassette (13-26) 9 speed. On the chris king site, they say "Though we don't endorse it, we've had good luck with the following: Chris set his 9spd Campagnolo record bike up using 9spd Shimano Dura-Ace cogs and chain and it's been working flawlessly."
Anybody else done this? Is this going to work? If not, what hubs should I go with?
During race season, how hard would it be to switch cranks to a single ring setup?
First time on campy....what tools would i need? (excepting bb tools...the phil wood shop is in my neighborhood)
Anything else I'm missing?
thanks very much
Dec 31, 2002 8:51 PM
Re Shimano 9s cogs and Ergo shifters. See . Should have the information you need.

Post pics.

Thanks for that link Hummu! (nm)phatlizard
Jan 1, 2003 2:29 AM
Dec 31, 2002 10:43 PM
Jan 1, 2003 1:07 AM
or, a 105 loose cog cassette can be disassembled, then put back together with 10s spacers (I think they're Wheels Mfg spacers; Branford has them). Shimano cassette bodies are too short to fit 10 105 cogs. but the resulting 9s cassette can be shifted using 10s ergopowers, and a 10s chain. one of our other posters (lonefrontranger; see her post below) had no trouble with 10-speed and mud. if you want 10 speed, you could then use a Wheels or an Am Classic conversion cassette. I'm not entirely certain that the Wheels cassettes are compatible with Campy (check Branfordbike), but the Am Classics will be.
Jan 2, 2003 9:15 AM
The Bell lap bars are great. Comfortable drops and wide for stable handling. I went with 36h Open Pro (6'6" 200 lbs) and trashed the rear wheel on some single track. So that might be a consideration, not that much extra weight. I also ride an Empella carbon steerer tube fork which has been O.K. You might consider top mount levers as well I find them handy for trail riding. By the way what size frame are you riding?
it's a 60.5weedman
Jan 2, 2003 9:24 AM
with a 120mm stem. thanks. i think i'll give the bell lap bars a try. and definetly top mount levers...which ones do you like, heldveld?
Jan 2, 2003 11:54 AM
they are all good. the Tektros are cheap and you don't have to disassemble your entire bar/shifter etc.. to mount. have 2 sets and no trouble. The Pauls look better but cost much more. By the look of your build I don't think price is an issue. at your size when you destroy the Open Pros switc to the velomax deep vees or aeroheads. good luck
Tektro Top Mountstriangleforge
Jan 3, 2003 7:24 AM
I've got a set of the Tektro levers -- so far so good, but they're clearly not as well constructed as some of the others like the Empella & IRD. The place where the barrel adjuster threads into the lever is quite thin and I've already had to get out the tap set to clean up the threads on one of them; a dicey operation, because there's probably no more than one or two threads in there holding the whole thing in place.

Anyway, I'm happy with them, but I'm not expecting them to age gracefully.

it's a 60.5heldveld
Jan 2, 2003 1:34 PM
I like the Empella Frog leg levers, but I haven't tried the others. Got the bike, the brakes had to get the topmounts. One nice thing about them is they have barrel adjusters which I know the Paul's don't have. Cyclocross world has them on sale right now. Open Pros are strong rims after the first problem no other issues in over a year. It was a machine built wheel now its hand built. A lot of it has to due with the build.
Jan 3, 2003 10:04 AM
Sounds pretty good. I would suggest the following:
1)Loose the triple c'rings, you'll be getting passed by every guy running if it gets steep enough for a 30T chainring. Double is just fine w/ 39-46 and a 12-27, Branford Bike has the 46T ring by T.A. My son rode the season on a single 44 w/Spot chain catcher and 12-25 or 12-23 cassettes and did just fine.
2)Upgrade the brakes, Spooky is great; Radius if you're on a budget.
3)Use the Mavic "V" shaped rims, x-33 or whatever they are called. They are very strong due to their shape and very importantly the "V" sheds mud that will build up on the open pros.
4)9-speed ergo works perfectly with Shimano 9-speed cassettes provided you use the Shimano chain.

Just out of curiosity do you live west of the Rockies?
i'm in the s.f. bay areaweedman
Jan 3, 2003 12:50 PM
1.)i need the triple for various mountain activities, but i plan to go to a single chainring for the race season.
2.)is there that much difference between the spooky's and the xt canti's?
3.)thanks for the tip on the rims....cxp-33, i believe
4.)have you actually used this campy/shimano combination?
i'm in the s.f. bay areajjohnson05
Jan 4, 2003 7:27 AM
The Spookys will give you lots more clearance because they are made to be used with road brake levers. They travel farther for a given amount of cable pulled. You're right it is cxp-33. Here's is a photo of that shifter combo, Record 9-speed/Shimano chain/Ultegra 9-speed cassette/Cane Creek Carbon wheels, on its was to a 3rd place finish in a UCI category 3 race. Mark McCormack and Jos Husbey in the background.
i'm in the s.f. bay areajjohnson05
Jan 4, 2003 7:37 AM
Sorry, let's try the photo again.
I too am in the s.f. bay areajrm
Jan 4, 2003 9:33 AM
Im using a mountain triple and a 12-27 cassette. it gets me up almost everything. I really like the Ricthey Biomax Pro bar. i like the design of the drops and the rearward sweep make s the bar real comfy. About wheels, i have ridden the CXP 33's and couldnt keep um true and had pinchflat problems with tires larger than 32cc. Maybe its the way i ride..and it probably is. I really like the OP 32H 3x laced rim for durability.