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Campy sucks!?(13 posts)

Campy sucks!?phatlizard
Dec 20, 2002 3:27 PM
NOOOO ... just wrote that Topic so you Campy-Lovers check in!
Someone in the German Cyclocross Forum posted a statement today that he sees a lot of Campy parts on bikes in catalogs but never on a race bike!
Which I sadly have to confirm!
Could those of you who really get theire campy parts dirty please let me know here!!!
Does anyone ride 10speeds?
I know it is almost like that "Shifter-Thread" but I really only want to hear from Campy-Users, not discuss it!

Mille grazie!


Isn't it a beauty ... !
Campy only on crossbuffalosorrow
Dec 20, 2002 3:57 PM
No I dont not ride campy 10 but I do ride chorus 8 on my colnago. I have thought about upgrading to 10, but I cant beat the 8. Also on my singlespeed cyclocross I have a set of campy record carbon lever (non-ergo), I smashed one, but I though ahead and bought two sets.
I like the re-buildability of camyp over shimano.
campy 9 hereweiwentg
Dec 20, 2002 6:00 PM
campy 10 would be possible, since the courses in my area aren't usually that muddy. but I honestly don't need 10 speeds on the cross course (on the road it's a different story).
me tooEric Marshall
Dec 20, 2002 8:32 PM
Centaur 9 on my cross bike, Record 10 on my road bike.
Just built a cross bike with Campy 10 . . .Look381i
Dec 22, 2002 1:30 PM
but I'm a CX newbie, so what do I know? I wanted to be able to swap wheels & derailleurs with my Campy 10 road bikes as needed. I run a climbing, road set up so far: 39/53 and 13-29. My off-road adventures find me sticking to the small ring.

By the way, I did a few hours on single-track yesterday for the first time. Those top-mount brakes sure came in handy. I also spent a lot of time in the 29 and 26 on the climbs. The Ritchey Excavadors were great in moderately soft and sandy conditions.
campy 10velojuice
Dec 22, 2002 9:40 PM
Rode campy out here on the west coast all season, surf city and cccx,and nats, 14 races so far. Used 10 speed daytona shifters with (don't laugh) record rear derail. had no problems. Did toasted head course today was real muddy but it worked pretty much flawless. I run a Race face CX crank with stock rings and the shifting is smooth as my road stuff. My buddy wrecked his ultegra stuff on two bikes today because of the mud, sucked up his chain. I run 36/48 and 29-13. Works like a charm and you can always rebuild the levers. That you cannot do the disposable shimano stuff. I say proof is in the puddin' swim against the tide, ride campy cause it rocks and it worked for Eddy.
Thanks for the RaceFace-Infophatlizard
Dec 23, 2002 12:50 AM
That would have been my next question - I have the cranks already here! You use stock rings....? Does that mean RaceFace rings? That is what I understood ...!

The German!
Thanks for the RaceFace-Infovelojuice
Dec 23, 2002 2:46 PM
Yes they are the standard rings and they work fine. Good Luck!
re: Campy sucks!?MJ
Dec 23, 2002 3:17 PM
what's the URl for the German cyclocross forum?

I run Campy Daytona (nee Centaur glaub ich) 10 speed with a triple - I rarely need that many gears on the road much less offroad - but it's nice to have

haven't ridden with Shimano (except on mtb.) but am not prejudiced - well maybe a little bit
The German CX Forumphatlizard
Dec 23, 2002 4:01 PM
My Centaur 10 is apparently bulletprooflonefrontranger
Dec 29, 2002 9:21 PM
I've been riding Centaur 10 on my Dream Cross for a year now, in every condition Colorado has to offer. We don't get mud out here very often, but when we do, the resulting glop is the most horrible, sticky, drivetrain-fouling peanut-butter adobe mess you've ever seen. I thought the mud in Ohio was bad, but this stuff defies belief. They build houses out of it. To add injury to insult, it's liberally mixed with fine sand, just to help chew up your parts. I did a 2-hour Bataan death cruise on the 'cross bike on Thanksgiving day, and many of the trails were a soupy disaster. The last 'cross race I did was not only muddy and sandy, but icy and snowy as well. It was that perfect temperature where the snow melts just enough to throw lots of mud and water onto the frame and drivetrain, where it freezes into solid ice.

The point is, there were times on these days when my bike was rendered immovable due to the frame clogging with mud, but the Campag always shifted flawlessly on demand, even when the rear mech was an indefinable glutinous brown mass and you could have sworn the cassette was solid state. I have NEVER EVER had any other rear mech work in these kinds of conditions.

Yes, atpjunkie, that includes the old Mavic 6-speed freewheel shifted with bar-cons on my dearly departed Alan.

I believe half the battle is that I use Jagwire cable seals on my shifter cables, to keep the housings from becoming fouled with mud and ice. However, even with the Jagwire bits, my Shimano STI never worked well in the mud, and the shifters themselves would often jam.
hey now, why pick on me LFR?atpjunkie
Jan 2, 2003 5:31 PM
-2?4-?d sorry about the Alan, sounds like the retrogrouch winner. Trust me I'd ride Campy (Centaur 9) on my cx bikes had I the $$ to build up that way. I use barcons as I'm stuck in Shimano land and I find it the only reasonable, affordable solution. I actually have 2 sets of Record Wheels that were waiting for cx conversion that now serve as my road back-ups (yes I ride Campy Record 9 on the road) I just can't afford to buy 2 whole build kits and it's nice to have my bikes with a certain level of interchangability. As you can see by this post I'm a Campy 9 fan due to my size and torque. When I saw little 135 lb climbers snap 10 speed chains in the Giro and Tour I lost all faith. I feel the same about Shimano 9 and run Shimano 8 on my MTB and 1 cross. I'm tall and big (not fat) and I have pulled wheels loose in sprints (have to really tighten the QR's) so I like my gear supersized. Speaking of clay, you should come out to S.D. sometime, it's clay and sand and it's 30 foot. Meaning every 30 feet your wheel freezes up from clogging. I feel your pain.
re: Campy sucks!?mackgoo
Dec 31, 2002 10:50 PM
I was just parusing through the lattest Vello news. I found it interesting that in at least one of the race's, I didn't really notice in all, any way the course marking ribbon looked like the police crime scene tape except it said Shimano. I think that say's it all, there had to have been miles of the stuff. I would say that Shimano's "sponsorship" goes very deep. I mean heck we all certainly know it isn't because their product is superior. Right? ;)