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question for adventurefind......(3 posts)

question for adventurefind......gbecker
Dec 19, 2002 6:48 PM
Since you said that you were marshalling @ Napa I'll ask you this question. If I understand your argument about Galeforce having nothing to do with the officials (and their decisions), then who selected/chose/gave instruction/paid/etc those officials? It would either be the USCF or Galeforce unless I am forgetting someone. I ask because I would like to contact whoever was in charge of the officials and voice a few issues I have. You have to understand people's frustrations with Galeforce because that's who we paid our money to and they are ultimately responsible for how the race goes off (in the big picture).

I think the bigger mistake on Galeforce's part was NOT having a good back up plan (read alternate race course) in case of weather problems/etc. Galeforce should have enough foresight/experience to know that all kinds of things can and do happen, and that a good plan needs to be in place. Improvising on Friday afternoon (and cutting off a third of the course)is not a good plan.You cannot have less than a 7 (or so) minute lap at nationals given the sizes of the fields/etc, much less the 4 1/2 minute laps @ Napa.

This situation really is a shame because the race could have been great. Unfortunately I (and many, many, others)traveled 3000 miles to have to deal with the idiot of an official (in the second pit). If Galeforce is not ultimately to blame then who is??? Thanks for your input.
applaud (no comment)buffalosorrow
Dec 19, 2002 8:32 PM
re: question for adventurefind......adventurefind
Dec 20, 2002 7:53 AM
Ever thought on the owners of the property? Under circumstances beyond our control, they were worried about the rain/mud and riders trampling through the vineyard property. The reason the course was changed was because the owners of the property have more say than anything about the event. Galeforce has to comply with their rules.

For my series at the RH Phillips winery, I have to comply with the rules as well. We have a mud course, and a dry course. I have to obey what the owners say about the course design. They have the final say because it is their property.

At our Toasted Head races I won't pull anyone out. Since we have small groups to contend with, I start all categories all at once. I ask for a democratic vote before the race, either numbers of laps vs. a timed race. Or if we should all wait til a lete coming straggler shows up to race. Everyone is cool with that and everyone has fun at our series.

As for marshalling the course, I did as I was told. Marshalling is hard when you get knucklehead people wanting to shortcut through manicured landscape that I was protecting with cones and Shimano caution tape. All people had to do was go to the flight of stairs; instead, they threw a tiff when I would tell them not to cross the garden. That was on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. ON Saturday morning, I was making sure that non-support would stay out of the pit areas (riders casually walking or riding the course, interfering with the pit crews).

To find someone to blame and burn at the stake is hard. Galeforce does the best it can to keep everyone happy. If it was a perfect world, we would have had one thousand volunteers on the weekend, but that would have added to more costs, more impact to the land, etc. But that's impossible. Cyclocross is small in the USA yet it is growing considerably. Once the ‘cross mentality reaches a new level in popularity, then other venues might be used, a larger budget could be developed, and more happy racers/officials/promoters there would be.