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Help a Cross Newbie out...(6 posts)

Help a Cross Newbie out...asphalt assault
Dec 13, 2002 5:55 PM
...I'm thinking of building a cross bike and am looking for some retailers with some good deals on entry level steel frames and such.

I have to do this thing on a budget so the wife doesn't kill me (again:)

Any suggestions? Thanks!
re: Help a Cross Newbie out...jjohnson05
Dec 13, 2002 7:11 PM
Getting srtarted can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. If you have some old parts laying around the basement or garage, you can be up and running more quickly than you might think. The main difference between a cross bike and a road bike is the frame, more clearance and a higher BB, the brakes, you need cantis or Vs, and the tires, knobs help. If you go on eBay you can find very lightly used or new frames for $250-350. Mix in some old cranks, stem, bars, seat post, saddle, levers, derailleurs (either road or mtb), mtb pedals, old training wheels, brakes from your old MTB, and a new set of cross tires and you are rollin'. Part of the fun of getting started in cross is that you can make a functional first-bike out of what might pass as junk. I started both of my kids that way and last year they came home from natz with two medals. So, consolidate all that junk you've collected and call it a cross bike. Once you get hooked you can work on assembling the full Record Richard Sachs with Cane Creek Carbons and Gomma Italia tires. Good luck, and have fun!
re: Help a Cross Newbie out...jrm
Dec 15, 2002 8:24 AM
Bike wholesaler has the K2 CX frame and fork on sale for $399.
re: Help a Cross Newbie out...weiwentg
Dec 15, 2002 11:14 AM
maestro has the Colnago Dream Cross frame and fork for ...
just kidding. one hint: share wheels with your road bike. unless you're a heavier rider, or you have superlight wheels, they should easily be able to take it (remember that you'll have huge tires). cyclingnews reviewed the K2 Enemy, and it's a good bike. I know one merchant on eBay was selling Redline frames for a similar price. should you want steel, consider the Soma cross bike (see at if you want dirt cheap, there's the Surly Crosscheck, made of 4130 cromoly. the downside is the weight. you might also get lucky on eBay with a complete cross bike. what's your budget like, anyway? there are sub $1k steel cross bikes, complete, out there, but I can't remember names right now. possibly the Jamis Nova.
Reply to all..asphalt assault
Dec 15, 2002 12:14 PM
Thanks Guys.

Yes, this will be a frankencrosser. I have a roadbike with a cracked frame that I will steal some parts from. I will buld some sturdy wheels with a pair of XTR hubs I have and I'l pick up some Velocity deep V rims. I will probably go with flat bars, MTB vee brakes, levers and shifters (initially anyway) that I have laying around.

I'm not really concerned with weight of the bike. I weigh 200 and I'm sort of a spaz and I'v found out (the hard way!)that light stuff and me just weren't made for one another. I ride MTB on a 35lb FS sled so if I build a crosser that comes in at 25 lbs or so that will be fine.

I'm trying to hold the frame cost down to $500 so I doubt I'l be getting that Colnago (haha). I'v been looking at that Surly Crosscheck, Soma... can't remember the modle name and I saw that Redline on Ebay. I'l scope out that Jamis as well. I will definately go with a steel frame though.

Before I get a frame I'l have to sell a (new, never built up) GT I-drive FS MTB frame that I got as a warranty replacement for one that I broke. As I said, I am not easy on bikes.
check the web.atpjunkie
Dec 16, 2002 5:31 PM
here in the classifieds and ebay. you can get greta deals on frames, bikes etc... viva la Frankenbike