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aah!! I want a Dream Cross!(12 posts)

aah!! I want a Dream Cross!weiwentg
Dec 6, 2002 3:40 PM
damn you, Gregg, for getting me to look at the Trialtir website.
ok, is anyone willing to sponsor a poor college student? ;)
Interesting cable routingTWD
Dec 6, 2002 3:58 PM
It looks like the rear brake cable is routed on the underside of the TT. Am I seeing that correctly?

You'd think that would be annoying when shouldering the bike, not to mention scratching the snot out of that purty paint job.

Oh well, I'll never be able to afford a frame like that anyways.
well, that is a picture of a Dream Plusweiwentg
Dec 6, 2002 4:38 PM
the Dream Cross MAY have more sensible routing. one guy I know rides a Dream Cross, but season's over.
That would make more sense. (nm)TWD
Dec 6, 2002 5:12 PM
Dream Cross has TT cable routing. New Dream Plus has . . .Look381i
Dec 6, 2002 5:47 PM
carbon rear trangle. Here is pic of Dream Cross:
pictured bike lacked canti bosses, dead giveaway NMatpjunkie
Dec 6, 2002 6:03 PM
Dream Plus vs. Dream Crosslonefrontranger
Dec 9, 2002 9:58 AM
You can still order the '03 Dream Plus with the standard Al back end. You simply cannot get it from the U.S. distributor because they won't stock them.

The Dream Cross cabling is indeed entirely top-routed, meaning if you want to set it up with Campag, you must either use an XTR front mech or a reroute jig (not recommended). I am happy to say that I own both models, the Dream Plus (road bike) and the Dream Cross (cyclocross). The Dream Cross ships standard with a Precisa steel fork painted to match, so it's quite tasty. I think the 'nag forks (steel or carbon) handle like nothing else in this world. My SO's Dream is the Reflex blue paint job that weiwentg posted, and it is indeed gorgeous.

for what it's worth you can also order the CT1 and C-40 without the Bstay if you want. You simply have to go through an EU distributor to do so. Your costs will be considerably cheaper, tho you won't have that instant gratification of getting it from the LBS.

My brand new '03 model Dream Plus is standard because I'm so damn puny that a B-stay doesn't do much for me but add weight and a bonded joint (oh and about $500 to the price...). Plus the carbon fork is painted to match, which you also cannot get done by the U.S. distributor.

weiwentg, the minute I win the lotto I'll order a 48cm Dream Cross for you from Maestro. You're probably the same size as me, right?
thanks, and yes, I am a 48weiwentg
Dec 9, 2002 2:24 PM
no brainer, just get the smallest size :)
the geometry looks pretty good. there might not be that much standover for me, but that's unavoidable (and not really a big deal). I suppose the only real complaint would be the price - they look like they retail for about $1600 in the US. so, I'll have to wait some time. if they discontinue the RX1 paint scheme, I will call the mafia ;)
Maestro has the Dream Cross listed at >$1Klonefrontranger
Dec 9, 2002 3:25 PM
Just went onto, and he's got the new 2003 price list up. Currency rates will fluctuate, but right now the Dream Cross frame is listed at ~$920.00 sans tax & shipping, which I didn't find to be that bad. Tax on my Dream Plus was about $30 and shipping was about $50 (1 week expedited air freight). Got the whole rig inclusive for roughly $300 less than U.S. WHOLESALE. This is assuming you could even get a 2003 standard body Dream Plus in the U.S. (you can't). The best part is that although RX1 is NOT a stock Dream Cross color, you can order any color you want from Maestro as long as you're prepared to wait for the Italians to paint it. Mine only took six weeks, but I've heard other feedback, none of which was the dealer's fault, so your experience may vary.

Sorry, I know I'm merely feeding the beast :) You only just got a nice custom rig, too!
Maestro has the Dream Cross listed at >$1Kweiwentg
Dec 9, 2002 5:34 PM
yes, I just did get a custom rig.
knowing what I know now, I might have foregone the MTB and got a Dream Cross (and totally tricked it out). cyclocross is addictive. this is all your fault (I think; could be someone else's).
I did check Maestro. good to know the taxes are so low. but, Trialtir is now offering a 4-year warranty (not sure if Maestro does), and I actually know the rep. heck, I just bought his old wheels, which are Campy compatible, for my bike (now that is DEFINITELY your fault). so, maybe in the future....
rubber side down, all of you!
Does it at least come with a replaceable der. hanger?eurochien
Dec 9, 2002 5:07 PM
For that kind of money, it better. What do you do if you rip the hanger? All decently designed aluminum cross frames come with a replaceable derailleur hanger, a stick or enough mud or something in the derailleur and buh-bye, your 1.5 grand frame can go straight to the dumpster. Grazie mille Ernesto!
yes, as does my '03 Dream Plus (nm)lonefrontranger
Dec 9, 2002 9:26 PM