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anybody got any tubular cross tires for sale?(8 posts)

anybody got any tubular cross tires for sale?richpierce
Dec 5, 2002 9:37 AM
I bought a pair of tubular rims and am building up the wheels. I have never used tubulars before but want to try. I like the idea of lower pressure and no pinchflatting. So it's going to be a whole new ballgame for me!

Anybody have advice on tires (they seem incredibly expensive), gluing (is there a website for info?) and does anybody have good tires they can sell me?
re: anybody got any tubular cross tires for sale?atpjunkie
Dec 5, 2002 7:53 PM
yes the good ones are expensive. Cyclocrossworld has a great selection. and some tips for mounting as well. Check ebay under cyclocross there are some tyres available right now.
Ebay Cautiontriangleforge
Dec 6, 2002 11:34 AM
I've bought a handful of tubular 'cross tires via eBay (as well as more other stuff than I'd ever admit to my wife), and it's definitely a caveat emptor kinda deal. In one case, I discovered that "New, Unglued" on a Clement Grifo Neve actually meant "Moderately Used, Complete With Dried-out glue of indeterminate origin." I'm still using the tire, but I paid notably more for it than I should have, for what I got. Unless the seller provides an excruciatingly clear photo that backs up what he or she is saying, don't bid on the basis of the description alone, at least on highly variable things like tubies or wheels.

Of the tires that I spotted there now -- a pair of Tufos (Prestige? I didn't spot a model designation, but they're not the yellow or blue tread of the top-of-the-line Elite LPS model) and a trio of Conti & and Wolber tires -- both appear to be accurately described. The Tufos are a nice size (32c), but the price isn't anything to jump up and down about -- $100 for the pair, opening bid w/o shipping, against $55 each (also sans shipping $$) at Just for the customer service behind them, I'd be more inclined to go to at that price. The Conti/Wolber package is going to go for a lot less money, and might work for you; two things to be aware of -- I don't know much about the Contis, but I recall that they're fairly heavy for a tubular (which generally correlates with less supple, kind of defeating the purpose), and I think all three tires are 27c, which is on the narrow side of what people tend to like these days. Still, the price might be right.

Another option might be to keep an eye on the websites of, Schwab Cycles, Henry's Bikes, and others with substantial presence in 'cross, as they'll start looking to clear out cyclocross stock fairly soon here (CCWorld has already started with framesets). Last year I picked up a pair of discontinued Tufo Rhinos for about $25 each at Schwab right around this time of year.

My opinion -- for your first set, I'd bite the bullet and either pay full retail for a good set of tires, or be patient and wait a bit for the good stuff to go on sale at a known retailer. My 2 cents.

thanks good advicerichpierce
Dec 6, 2002 1:25 PM
I like your thinking. I had no idea I could get tubulars for those kind of prices new. Pig in a poke buying used tires.
Ebay Caution?buffalosorrow
Dec 6, 2002 4:13 PM
Granted its nice to see what you get..LBS or a reliable and shop, Cyclocrossworld. But I have purchased and sold a number of items on ebay. Most recently, two pair of Tufo tublular clinchers one set of C-T30 (black tread) the actual item seems to be in better condition that the image posted on ebay. And a pair of tufo prestige? red tread diamond front and C-T30 tread rear, no recieved yet. Each pair at around $60, I think each tire runs around $50?

I have had a few number of bad deals on ebay, but I honestly think they equal bad experiences with LBS's

I offer some cautions regarding ebay. Understand what you are bidding on, ask all questions prior to bidding and make sure the seller has a decent reputation/ feedback.
re: anybody got any tubular cross tires for sale?climbo
Dec 6, 2002 7:26 AM
yes, ebay has them usually, right now is a good time to look as the season draws to an end. As for gluing, best bet is to maybe search google for tips or get someone who knows how to do it to show you. It's not that hard, just takes a bit of time. Most people develop their own techniques to applying tubulars after a while so you'll get differing opionions on how many layers, how long to leave it, what type of glue etc. etc.
re: anybody got any tubular cross tires for sale?mackgoo
Dec 6, 2002 11:44 AM
Check out or THese are both British companys. The shipping from the UK is no more than here in the states. The price's are unbeatable.
Dec 6, 2002 12:51 PM
if I remember right. Simon's book on cross (Bible) has a section on it as well. will check tonight