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selling my wheels(4 posts)

selling my wheelsweiwentg
Dec 4, 2002 2:34 PM
shameless plug, I know, but:

they WOULD work for cross (I used the front for a few races) if you're not too muscular. atpjunkie, no offense, but you can probably ignore this post. if you know about anyone who'd want these wheels, tell them! I need to sell them, since I went Campy.
none taken.atpjunkie
Dec 5, 2002 12:31 PM
Hey I got a set of Record Hubs with Blue Colnago Abrosia Excellence rims 3x 12-24 Daytona cassette if you want to buy. They are an extra set to my road rig. but I have a back up set already
already got wheels, but thanks!weiwentg
Dec 5, 2002 1:49 PM
36 spoke open pros, 9-speed record rear, nuovo record front. the previous owner is pretty strong. I don't expect to be breaking anything unless I crash.
cool just thought I'd run it byatpjunkie
Dec 5, 2002 3:24 PM
I have a set of O/P Ceramics to Record Hubs (Road wheelset 2) and Ksyruiums (Set 1) and the Ambrosio's are set 3 and they just don't look right on my Merckx. Just something incongruous about it. Make a great set of cx wheels for a Dream Cross though.