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Spoke Question for the wheel Experts(3 posts)

Spoke Question for the wheel Expertsatpjunkie
Nov 29, 2002 11:44 AM
Anyone ever had a bad run of spokes? Rebuilt one of my back wheels this summer O/P 32 spoke, laced 3x with 14/15 Db spokes (black)
Now I know from my size (230 lbs) I put extra torque on my wheels but I've been breaking a spoke every other ride. I'm breaking them at the bend, usually, but not exclusively to the drive side. We've been checking the hubs for burrs etc as we replace but I didn't break spokes like this before I rebuilt the wheel. My other bike's wheels I've had no such problem, so I'm wondering with anodized spokes do weak batches ever get released? It's getting ridiculous. I'm about to rebuild the whole wheel as I am losing my faith and am afraid I'll break one in a race.
re: Spoke Question for the wheel Expertswww-mtnpedaler-com
Nov 29, 2002 6:46 PM
I used to work at a shop where no one would build a wheel using black spokes. They swore that they broke for no reason all the time. I've built hundreds of wheels using black spokes and never had the problem. Go figure? Anyway spokes usually break at the bend because they are to loose or the tensions are way off. Paul
Thanx and...or but......atpjunkie
Dec 2, 2002 11:56 AM
tensions have been good. building/ rebuilding with a pro wheel guy. We've been smoothing the holes in the hub body as we replace in case of burrs etc... it's just weird, The original spokes didn't have this problem but the rebuild spokes have been breaking like dry twigs. I'm going to replace the rim at the end of race season and redo the whole wheel. Am just losing faith in black. It doesn't matter as I'm not really "look" conscious.