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Empella or Redline?(8 posts)

Empella or Redline?Look381i
Nov 29, 2002 3:13 AM
I'm trying to decide between these two frames to build up for racing CX. Both will fit well. Both are priced similarly (w/in $75 w/o carbon fork) and will not break the bank. Non-cosmetic differences include cable routing (Redline has tt cable routing; Empella, downtube); shouldering comfort (Empella has flattened tt underside, Redline, not); Empella has nice carbon fork option for +$200, but I am undecided about that.

What other factors should I consider in this decision?

Is a carbon fork advisable (and at that price)?

Which frame would you choose? Why?
FYI: I have seen REdline frames pretty cheap on ebayweiwentg
Nov 29, 2002 6:13 AM
do a search. some seller had them (pick your own size) for about $379. these versions are with alu forks, though.
FYI: I have seen REdline frames pretty cheap on ebayatpjunkie
Nov 29, 2002 11:30 AM
cost being similar I'd side with the Empella. These (Empellas), Alans and Ridleys seem to be the bees knees for cross. Plus you get the Euro Swank factor and the not seen everyday chic points. plus the matte black is super sweet looking. All 3 of these Mfrs are the big wigs in cross, Ridley being the only one who builds road bikes (me thinks) and all companies dedicate time, research and money into cx racing which will show in their bikes performances. Redline does as well and builds fine bikes, I just think the Euros do it a little better. I own a 2000 Ridley and it is a well handling bike.
FYI: I have seen REdline frames pretty cheap on ebaycxer
Nov 29, 2002 12:30 PM
Just fyi, Empella and Alan make road bikes too.

I think either of your choices is fine. The Empella is the choice of the Spaar Select team and riders like Vervecken, Wellens and other greats. That doesn't really mean anything for you but the Bonfire is a great cross bike. I have checked out the Redline Conquest Pro and it is also a great cross bike. I wouldn't think of it as any less and the Redline is about $100 less than the Empella I think. The Empella 1-1/8"carbon fork is fantastic. They have a 1" carbon that I know nothing about.
Nov 29, 2002 2:27 PM
My 99 56cm c-c Redline Conquest Pro on digital scale:
Frame: 3.25 lbs
Fork: 1.25 lbs (1 1/8 alloy steerer)
Front derailler routing: Downtube, not toptube as stated above, and I think Redlines are still built this way.
Rides/races: Great
Cost: Considering the cost of road frames, CHEAP.

Conclusion: There is nothing wrong with it.
Forecast: You'll probably like WHATEVER you buy. And that's good.
and those Redline Scandiums are sweet as wellatpjunkie
Nov 29, 2002 2:51 PM
Bought the new Redline on ebay from a bike shop . . .Look381i
Nov 30, 2002 7:42 PM
in Texas: Price was $379 plus $25 shipping. That's at least $70 under list.

I just spoke to the owner's son and chief mechanic, who is (was?) also a pro rider (road and cyclocross) in Europe and the U.S. -- Seth Pelosi. Sounds like a knowledgeable, good guy. I think I'll be doing more business with him. Their website is up and running but still short of completion.

Thanks for the heads up about ebay.
re: Empella or Redline?B123
Dec 1, 2002 3:18 PM
I found the two bikes to ride similarly, but the carbon fork fitted to the empella soaked up more shock for sure. Both weigh 18-19lbs with ultegra. The Redline was nice for the tt cables and a waterbottle mount. The empella came without bottle mounts, but you can order it with. I didn't find the round top tube to be any more uncomfortable than the square, due to the large diameter of the round tube.

Now looks wise....those empellas sure look sick!