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CX w/ Road Calipers?(4 posts)

CX w/ Road Calipers?Gripped
Nov 27, 2002 11:18 AM
I was going to try out a cross race to see if I really like it. The weather should be dry -- high pressure is holding steady over the PNW. I figured that I would put a cross tires on my Trek 560 (circa 1988) and give it a go. Since it won't be wet, I figure that standard road calipers should stop me okay. What does convential wisdom have to say?

I suppose I could try to scare up a 1" threaded steerer fork with canti bosses and throw that on the Trek. I think I have some old cantis laying around in the garage. That would improve breaking power in the front.

On another note, the 560 originally came with 27" wheels so I have less clearance with the 700c wheels under the rear break crossbar (side to side has plenty of clearance) so I hope that cross tires will fit.
re: CX w/ Road Calipers?atpjunkie
Nov 27, 2002 12:07 PM
it's not stopping power you should worry about. it's clearance for the bigger tires. most calipers give very little room for bigger knobblies
re: CX w/ Road Calipers?hummu
Nov 27, 2002 1:06 PM
If you've got the clearance go for it. I'm going to try it with an old set of Campy speed modulators with a pad upgrade on a lugged 531 road bike.
re: no worriesrichpierce
Nov 27, 2002 5:04 PM
I used my Lemond Zurich road bike 2 weeks ago for half a race (until I crashed and had to switch to my cross bike in the pits cause my left STI lever was all wonky). I had only a little problem with tire clearance- was running 700x35 tires, there was one section of sticky mud only 3 feet long followed by loose gravel. A couple of times some leaves or stones ground away for a while before letting lose. I had plenty of stopping power, which was basically not needed on this course. Probably could have raced w/o brakes, now that I think of it. That would give better clearance. Just kidding. Don't try that unless your course is really flat.