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Replacement for Mich Sprints….(6 posts)

Replacement for Mich Sprints….TFerguson
Nov 25, 2002 11:51 AM
I really like the Michelin sprints (CX and MTB), but can no longer take that green. I work hard at building a bike I think is very beautiful only to have everybody say, "nice wheels". They, of course mean tires. Any body have a good replacement in, say black?

re: Replacement for Mich Sprints….p lo
Nov 25, 2002 12:23 PM
i think i read in the velonews article about cross items at interbike that next years are going to be black with light blue sidewalls
re: Replacement for Mich Sprints….mosovich
Nov 25, 2002 4:53 PM
Ritchey Speedmax in 32, or Tufo clincher tubular!
Replacement for Mich Sprints GREEN!!!atpjunkie
Nov 25, 2002 6:00 PM
They must be roadies converted. No true cxer would make fun of how a bike 'looked'. Most the guys I race with are on either Ugly green Mich's, Ugly Yellow or Ugly flat red Tufos. Next time they comment on your wheels just give them a good view as you pass them. I love my Green Tires and I have them on a red bike
TIRELOVE IS BLIND (nm)tihipscrew
Nov 25, 2002 7:18 PM
Racing or training?Eager Beagle
Nov 26, 2002 2:12 AM
Check out these Schwalbe Silentos under "bargains" here:-

They are slightly on the weighty side, if that bothers you, but I have been using them from training and commuting and have been really impressed with them - very tough.

They also do a more treaded one which I use on the rear - I forget the name, but you'd know it if you saw one.

They are good value too.