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Kenda Kwick tread wear(10 posts)

Kenda Kwick tread wearshawniemc
Nov 25, 2002 10:17 AM
I've been commuting my new 2k3 Axis with the stock Kenda cross tires. I've riden about 800 miles in two months, about 60% of that is paved. I knew that I would have some tread wear on the cross tires, but the amount of wear on the back tire was unexpected.

First of all, is this normal for cross tires to wear this fast?

Should I go ahead and rotate the tires going into winter riding though it's only been two months?

Should I get commuting tires and keep the cross tires just for races?

Any opinions are appreciated.
here's my experiencelonefrontranger
Nov 25, 2002 10:40 AM
I've got a set of Kwicks that's over 2 years old. The tread is virtually gone. Part of that is from riding on the road. Kenda uses a fairly soft rubber compound on these tires, as they are intended for offroad use.

A harder "reverse tread" commuting tire would be my recommendation. If you like the price of Kenda, I'd recommend trying their much more durable and commuter-specific "Kourier"; link here:

If you are planning on continuing to commute on-road and can afford it, I'd seriously consider getting an extra wheelset, so you don't have to hassle with switching tires all the time. Your commuter wheels can and should actually be heavier and more "bomber" wheels than the set you use for road/cross racing.

I have several pairs of Cosmos shod with various tires for road, commuting and 'cross use. Next year if I get more serious about racing 'cross, I may mount some 'cross tubies on my Zipp 303s, as they don't do anything else this time of year besides take up space in my garage.
here's my experienceshawniemc
Nov 25, 2002 12:11 PM
Thanks, I'm planning on getting slicks for next summer. I thought I would ride the Kwicks in the winter snow (or see how well they do before getting studs) and sloppy off-road in the spring. About 1/3 of my daily commute is off-road.

Do you think the Kourier would be a good all weather (i.e. winter) tire or more of a summer road tire?

Can't afford the new wheels, but that would be the way to go.
here's my experienceatpjunkie
Nov 25, 2002 12:21 PM
yes, Kendas (even their road tires) wear fast. Being a Clydesdale I tend to wear tires faster than your average bear. My Kendas rarely make 700 miles. Usually are dying by about 500. It's soft sticky rubber and that's the price you pay
here's my experienceshawniemc
Nov 25, 2002 12:37 PM
atp: What various tires do you ride?

Are there any CX tires that are decent off-roaders and durable on road? I looked at the review on the Michelins and they seem to be in a similiar category for tread wear.
Decent durable cheap@ss commuter tirestihipscrew
Nov 25, 2002 1:29 PM
Ritchey Trailmix. Racing these would be a mistake however. Heavy, stiff, mud-gathering. Center spline makes for good non-buzzy ride on the pavement. $13 I think? Oh, and for the guy in the thread above whose friends make fun of his green Michelins, these are fashionably black.
Give these a try...Steve_O
Nov 25, 2002 1:32 PM
These were a standard spec on the high end hybrids at the shop I worked at these summer. They seem to wear really well with enough tread to make offroading feasible. They are a little on the heavy side but...

WTB All Terrainasaurus (32/30) 700c

here's my experienceatpjunkie
Nov 25, 2002 5:52 PM
Ihave some GEAX (that are 38 semi's) that work well for multi pupose. I'm going to commute on them after race season, I'll be able to give a better review then as I have knobby race tires on presently. The specialized semi's are a good tire as well. try to find them cheap, the s-works are stickier and will wear faster. look for the cheaper version. Beware, they are a little squirrelly if pushed in the dirt. good luck. I'll post a review in Feb or so.
Green Michellines (SP)atpjunkie
Nov 25, 2002 5:55 PM
RULE. especially with a red bike. I'll post a phot at some point.
Nov 26, 2002 8:17 AM
thanks for all the suggestions! I like the green Michelins. For the guy who gets made fun of for them: that just means they like the girls on the playground.

I think I'll ride the kwicks to death through the winter and switch in the spring if they're dead then. I'll research all the suggestions, but I do love the green.