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Durable rear wheels - Ritchey OCR? Other options?(6 posts)

Durable rear wheels - Ritchey OCR? Other options?GlowBoy
Nov 18, 2002 12:55 PM
Well, after a year I totally trashed the original rear wheel that came on my Volpe. This was a Mavic T221 touring rim (36h) laced to a Tiagra hub. While I do try to "ride light" my riding habits are still tough on wheels. My commute (about 50 mi/week) is brutal, with numerous sets of rough RR tracks, and I did a fair bit of singletrack trail riding on the bike this summer. It's been getting increasingly hard for my rear wheel to hold its true over the past couple of months, and after yesterday's race (my first, BTW) my LBS says the rim is shot.

So ... time for a new wheel. To get myself back on the road quickly, I bought a Ritchey OCR rim (32h) laced to a Ritchey hub. I love the concept and I've had good luck mountain biking with the 26" version of this combination ... plus it was $90, less than half what they were charging for an Open Pro/Ultegra unit.

What do you guys think of the 700c version of this Ritchey setup? Durable enough for 'cross, or will I eventually have problems again? I'm more concerned with strength and price than with weight (remember KB's famous "pick two" mantra) ... would a more expensive Open Pro be stronger, or just lighter?

Also, I'm a "sort of" singlespeeder - I don't run derailleurs or a full cassette, but I do run 3 sprockets on back to pair with the different chainrings for several different "singlespeed" gearing options when trail and road riding. I'm not thrilled about going with a dedicated SS hub (although it would build a very strong wheel) because then I couldn't run my crazy drivetrain. But OTOH I don't need the full width of an 8/9 speed freehub shell. So one option I'm considering is building a wheel (rim TBD) around a 7-speed (narrower body) 36-hole freehub I have lying around. It's 135mm but my frame is steel and I don't mind re-spacing. Such a wheel would have noticeably less dish and be quite a bit stronger, no?

- Dan
Used Them Past 3 Yearspeter in NVA
Nov 18, 2002 3:00 PM
Mixed luck and don't know why:
First set (28 radial front,28 2x rear, butted spokes)never went out of true using my cx as a mtb.Bent the rear jamming it into an ice covered rut and would never stay true again. New rim, spokes lossened every ride. Rebuilt to 3x and has been fine since. The front has never gone out.
During the dry summer used my road bike off road with OCR 24 front and 26 rear-never went out of true.
I find the aero rims cut nicely thru mud and never ding.
Originally used Open Pro (32 3x straight gauge front & rear) which weren't any better and seemed to ding and crease on every other rock.They split apart (like someone took a can opener to them) after a year.
CXP 30 or Velocity DeepB123
Nov 18, 2002 3:10 PM
The deeper rims are much stonger, combined with a high spoke count and traditional crossing pattern you get a very durable wheel. The old CXP 30 rims were incredibly strong, I've laced them with as few as 12 spokes for an aero setup or 36 for a beefy set of training wheels. Unfortunately you can't buy them new anymore, but Mavic still uses them in their Cosmic Carbone sets. Velocity makes a Deep V rim that is strong too. My Ritchey rear wheels has worked well the last few years, only a few spokes broken, although I'm only 150lbs.

About the 135 spacing, it might help, but I'd rather have the extra gears.
Velocity Deep V - So far so good!Steve_O
Nov 19, 2002 6:26 AM
I laced up a Velocity Deep V several months ago to replace a Sun rim that had cracked around the eyelets. So far I have about 200 miles on the rim and have been very impressed.

Like B123 said, the Deep V lets you go with shorter spokes which = stronger wheel. The Deep V also has a nice wide braking surface which helps if you tend to wear down brake pads until there is practically nothing left. As a final note - the Deep V's are anodized so you can get different colors to match your ride!
Check out...tamjam
Nov 19, 2002 9:06 AM
The WTB Speedmaster rim at Webcyclery. If you can use this rim on a 29er MTB, it should be strong enough for CX. Both Kevin and Todd ride them, so I do now too. They can handle a wide range of tire widths also, at least anything between 28 and 44.
re: Durable rear wheels - Ritchey OCR? Other options?GlowBoy
Nov 20, 2002 1:46 PM
Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback. I'll definitely look into the Velocitys if the Ritchey setup doesn't hold up. It also sounds like the Mavic T520 and Sun CR18 make bomber wheels. They even come 40 hole, if I were to find a 135mm 40h hub for less than the price of a Phil Wood.

- Dan