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Photo from VACX #3 -- Charlottesville, VA(1 post)

Photo from VACX #3 -- Charlottesville, VAtriangleforge
Nov 11, 2002 1:05 PM
Here's a shot by my teammate Will Miller from yesterday's Virginia Cyclocross series race in Charlottesville. That's me at the crest of a fun little drop that was probably a good 60 degrees for 20-30 feet -- very intimidating every time you looked down it, but the right turn at the bottom was wide enough that you could let your wheels run & still make the turn with room to spare.

The race was fun -- great course, and well run as always by Potomac Velo -- but didn't end happily for me. With about two laps to go sitting in 10th or 11th, my chain ate one of the wire surveyors flags that marked parts of the course, and my rear derailleur exploded with a loud, ugly noise into five separate pieces. A long run to the pits, and I hopped on a teammate's Litespeed (my first ever ride on a Ti bike!), but only went about 30 yards before realizing that, with his saddle a good 8 inches lower than mine, it was time to call it a day. Oh, well, at least I now have something in common with Erwin Vervecken...