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Matte Black Empella Owners(4 posts)

Matte Black Empella Ownersheldveld
Nov 9, 2002 9:46 PM

O.K. I know your out there because I've seen your bike pictures. I just received my frame this week and I love the way it looks. I haven't been able to ride it yet because I ordered the headset from my LBS and it won't be here till next week. My question is the the frame arrived with a few nicks in the paint exposing what appears to be a gloss black undercoat. During my transposting around the house and installing a few parts I noticed I put a few more nicks in it, and I handle with care. My worry is what is going to happen on a dirt road or if I trip on a barrier, I am not the most graceful crosser out there?

Any suggestions for touching up or adding additional protection to the paint? I asked for similar suggestions from Cyclocross world and expect to hear back from them. They are a great company to work with and this post is in no way ment to bad mouth there company in any way. I have done business with them before and will do it again. I just want to keep my investment looking good.

Thanks for your suggestions and input!

re: Matte Black Empella Ownerscxer
Nov 9, 2002 11:03 PM
flat paint is going to wear differently than normal, glossy paint. It is flat so touching up is easy- just spray flat black paint on it.
Don't worry about the paint, just enjoy the great frame.
re: Matte Black Empella Ownersheldveld
Nov 10, 2002 7:45 PM
Thanks. I just wasn't sure how easy touching it up would be. I should have my parts this week and I can't wait to ride it. It looks so good right now I just wanted to keep it that way. I will admit I can be a little anal about my bikes but, as soon as I ride it the small imperfections will most certainly be forgotten.
At least flat black will be an easy color to match.
re: Matte Black Empella Ownerscxer
Nov 11, 2002 12:09 PM
you should have different expectations with any flat paint. It doesn't wear the same as gloss paint.
The flat finish is very durable and forgiving though. Buy flat black paint- not primer. Primer will absorb moisture, paint will not.